4 Potential Complications That Can Happen to Seniors Who Get Into Accidents

Being involved in an auto accident can be hard on anyone at any age. Unfortunately, it can be especially hard on senior adults. Even if the initial side effects don’t seem that serious, there can be complications from the accident that can be life-changing. Keeping a look-out for these complications will help senior adults recover more quickly. Here are four potential complications that can happen to seniors who get into accidents.

4 Potential Complications That Can Happen to Seniors Who Get Into Accidents

Bone Infections

Since senior adults tend to have more fragile bones, the likelihood of a fracture is higher for senior adults involved in an accident than it is for younger adults. Even in a minor accident, small fractures can occur that can be difficult to detect at first. Unfortunately, if a fracture goes undetected for too long, serious infections can occur in the affected bones, leading to life-threatening conditions that are difficult to treat.

Insurance Fraud

Stepping back from physical complications, there are other problems that a senior can face after an accident, as well. For example, an insurance company may try to avoid paying a senior the amount they’re due since a senior is less likely to understand how to retaliate. That is why looking for commercial vehicle wreck attorneys is vital. An attorney can explain to a senior citizen what their options for compensation are to ensure they receive what they’re due.

Mental Trauma

Car accidents can be scary for anyone, but especially for seniors who may already have the beginnings of mental conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. For these seniors, involvement in a car accident may make them hesitant to ride or drive a car, even if they are otherwise physically capable. This can cause them to become isolated, putting them at risk for depression and other issues.

Extra Costs

Even if they weren’t at fault, the costs for seniors involved in a car accident could be high. Since most seniors are on a fixed budget, these extra costs can have significant implications in the life of a senior. Whether it’s replacing their car, taking time off of work, unexpected medical costs, or any number of other accident-associated costs, this can be one of the most difficult hurdles for seniors to overcome. By understanding the insurance process and knowing where to look for assistance, this problem can be easier for seniors to navigate.

Advocates Needed

Given the multiple complications that seniors can face when they’re in an accident, it’s important that they have someone to advocate for them to ensure they’re properly attended to. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or official representative, having a single person who can deal with problems as they arise will help a senior recover more quickly with their confidence and finances intact.