5 Entertaining Places to Visit With Kids In Allentown

Allentown is a minor city in Pennsylvania’s eastern region. During the Revolutionary War, the city was famed for being the hiding site of the Liberty Bell. It features a gallery featuring a full-size reproduction of the bell and murals depicting the bell’s history. The city offers a lot of small-town charm. Farmer’s markets and a rustic, country-style supper theatre are attractions. There are several changes to get outside and appreciate nature in the Lehigh Valley once you book allegiant flight for Allentown.

5 Entertaining Places to Visit With Kids In Allentown

America On Wheels

America On Wheels is a kind of transportation museum. It is dedicated to the United States’ love of all things moving. The museum has halls where you can see almost every mode of transportation you can imagine. You will be able to test out novel, self-propelled modes of transportation and innovative personal vehicles such as Segways and massive tractor-trailers that move commodities and food throughout the nation. Book your allegiant air lines tickets and gift your kids an informative and fulfilled outing.

The Liberty Bell Shrine Museum

The Liberty Bell Shrine Museum is another name for the Liberty Bell Museum. During the American Revolutionary War, it was used to conceal the bell. It has a beautiful replica of the Liberty Bell. It displays connected to the bell itself. There are other displays on the themes of liberty, patriotism, freedom, and relics from local history. Decide your travel date and visit allegiantair.com flights to book your tickets and check availability.

The Da Vinci Scientific Center

The Da Vinci Scientific Center is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. It features many engaging and hands-on displays related to science, technology, math, and engineering. Especially when you are travelling with family, this place is entertaining and informative for your kids. So book your allegiant plane tickets and visit this scientific center and let your kids understand scientific concepts with fun.

The Allentown Art Museum  

The Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley was founded in 1935. Walter Emerson Baum was a well-known impressionist painter. He is popular as the founder of this museum. The credit for creating both the museum and the Baum School of Art went to Baum. The Hun sicker School housed the museum initially. It had 70 impressionist artworks by local Pennsylvania painters. The collection now includes primarily European paintings, a textile collection, and works on paper. There are a few other notable pieces. There are allegiant airlines flights from almost all major cities to Allentown book from your nearest airport and reach here.

The Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum

The Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum is one of the country’s largest historical societies. The museum contains six galleries. These are spread over around 13,000 square feet. The museum’s historical research library also includes a wonderful selection of materials. Visitors and experts can utilize it when conducting research.

Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom

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Dorney Park and the Wildwater Kingdom is a hybrid amusement park. It is located between Emmaus and Allentown. There are eight thrilling roller coasters. It also has various other thrill rides for adults and kids. This makes it the perfect place to have fun with the family; your kids will love it.

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