5 Questions To Ask Roofing Contractors

When you have roof damage that needs to be repaired or worse that’s so bad your roof needs to be replaced, you might be tempted to hire the first roofing contractor you find. But, before you sign on the dotted line, you need to ask that roofing contractor a few questions. Yes, you want to get your roof fixed and your home protected as soon as possible, but slowing down just a little bit will ensure you have a quality roof at the end of the project.

5 Questions To Ask Roofing Contractors

To find the right roofing contractor, make sure you ask them these 5 questions:

1. Do you have proof of insurance?

When it comes to insurance, you want to know your roof is covered and you’re covered in the event of an accident or property damage. Roofing contractors oakland county MI should have two types of insurance: liability and workers’ compensation insurance. The liability insurance will protect you from any damage that might happen as a result of the work being completed in your own home. The employees’ comp keeps you shielded in case a worker is injured.

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2. What type of guarantee do you offer?

Exactly like with the insurance, you have to be looking for roofing contractors who present two types of warranties: labor and producer. The labor warranty is intended to cover the roofing contractor’s focus on your roof as the manufacturer guarantee covers some of the materials. Just before signing any paperwork, be certain to go over the warranties the roofing contractors present and understand all the conditions and conditions involved.

3. Do you have an area contact number and address?

Drive by roofers is pretty common in the roofing market. These roofers chase storms from the community to community and, in some instances, from state to convey. They are only thinking about quick jobs which have low overhead. Generally, they don’t possess insurance or offer any kind of warranty. The simplest way to prevent these roofers can be by requesting a local contact number and address. Understanding the roofing contractor includes a local existence means you’ll have the ability to find them when you have any problems with your roof.

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4. Do you give a written estimate?

Written estimates might not appear like a vitally important piece of the procedure, but in the function, a question arises about prices or services, it can give a paper trail. It’s in your very best interest and in the interest of your roofing contractor to have a written estimate. If the roofing contractors can’t or don’t provide the written estimate, then consider working with someone else who will provide the estimate.

5. Do you hire subcontractors?

Ideally, the roofing contractors you hire won’t use subcontractors. However, if they do, make sure you interview the subcontractors and ask them the same questions, especially the proof of insurance question. There’s nothing technically wrong with subcontractors, but knowing the roofing contractor you hire is capable of handling the work will let you know they have the crew, time, and resources to complete the job.

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Not all roofing contractors provide the same level of service or quality when working on your home. Asking these questions will help you find the best contractor for the job. And, if you’re ready for a no-cost roof inspection, the pros at Roof-Rite Contractors are ready to help you.

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