7 Gifts For The Man You Care

Have you been perplexed about buying gift for your dad, brother, boy friend or best friend? We love shopping but when it comes to buying gifts for a male friend or family, it becomes tedious as we just cannot figure out what on earth could make a guy happy.

Well let’s make life simpler and men in our life happier by mastering the art of gifting.

Using flamboyant packaging, coloured gift boxes or satin wrapping is beautiful but the truth remains that men hardly care about it. They are not enticed by fancy covering unless it is something that opens with a remote, wifi, can be directly connected with an app or is in anyway remotely related to technology. Well we cannot wait for that invention to happen, so scroll down to find out some basic gifts that all boys love.

 1. His favourite sports accessory – Find out about his favorites sport and gift him a jersey or any merchandise of his favourite team. He will certainly love the fact that you got him the jersey despite having no interest in that sport. Surprisingly this little gift would make him way happier than any piece of jewel or toiletry.

7 Gifts For The Man You Care
 2. Gadget it up – Who does not love gadgets and when we are talking about guys well they all truly love them. Now the question arises can we afford it. If the event is planned in advance we can keep an eye on the offers and discounts to make the gift budget friendly. Also there are so many small gadgets which are related to the main unit. For instance if your brother is having the latest cell phone you can gift him a visual reality gear or games. There are many accessories available for smart televisions, phones, music systems, speakers etc. So buy any of the small gadgets and make big impression in your man’s heart.

 3. Fine liquor – If you know his taste in drinks, you can replace his friends. Buy him his favourite whiskey or any other liquor that has been on his wish list. Once this is done right you would need nothing else to win his attention. You can dig for this information in a casual conversation or ask his close friends. Mostly females know of their boyfriend’s favourite drink but to know of your dad’s choice you definitely need to make some efforts. Now wrap it up in a nice bottle gift wrap. In case the person you are gifting loves beer over any other drink you can pick some bottles of beer, if possible a crate and box it in square gift boxes. You can use a large square gift box and gently align the bottles. Doing all this would require efforts but no gifting experience would be complete without a dash of personal touch.

 4. Show some love for moustache – Men with beard is usually proud of their facial hair and why not so they have taken pain to main it. So now is the time to show some appreciation to their looks. Gift them artisan beard oil or balm by the hairy gentleman.

 5. Cook their favourite meal – It is an old saying that way to man’s heart is through his stomach. This is true to a great extent. Guys certainly look for cooking skills in the girls they are dating. So use this to your advantage and cook him his favourite meal as a gift. You can add some special effects like arrange a fine dining experience. Take out your best crockery and use ribbons over wine glasses to add some extra dose of love in your meal. He will remember this meal for years to come.

 6. Make time for togetherness – Nothing is more precious than time in this world, as that is one thing which is way out of your control. So make his day special by spending time together, plan the day with activities that you can do together. Go for activities that he is fond of like a match, go carting, clubbing or attend a party of his choice.

 7. Throw him a party – Ever thought why is bachelor party so hyped about, may be because it is taken for granted that it is the last day when a guy could party alone. Prove this myth wrong and throw him a party where he can enjoy with his friends sans you. This certainly does not mean that you are not fun to be with but sometimes guys need some space and freedom to drink with their friends to eternity.

These are some of the ideas handpicked to simplify your selection of gifts for the men in your life. Try and do let us know if these were of help to you.

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