7 Sustainable Uses Of The Glass Erase Boards

Writing boards have been utilized all over the world for as long as anyone can remember. Their usage in the education industry has been revolutionary to say the least. Traditionally whiteboards have filled in the space efficiently up to a certain extent, however once the glass boards replaced the whiteboards, a few shortcomings of the whiteboards became evident that are seemingly not present in the glass boards. For one, whiteboards got dirty from the ink residue no matter what type of maker was used on them and cleaning them after a certain period was hectic and required a lot of effort and resources.

This is not the case with clear glass erase boards however, cleaning them is as easy as a swipe of relevant material eraser without there being a question of any type of ink residue being left on the surface. This is highly attributed to their very smooth and hard surfaces that have no space for ink particles to stick into on a molecular level. This feature alone renders the glass boards to be much more sustainable in the long term when compared with traditional whiteboards. Additionally, glass boards offer much enhanced design appeal as they come in different colors or clear options in all kinds of shapes and sizes that match or contrast the color or design theme of the room they are used in efficiently. Here are a few sustainable uses of the glass erase boards in the modern day.

7 Sustainable Uses Of The Glass Erase Boards

Classrooms Teaching Boards

Classrooms in the education industry have been the most notable users of the traditional writing boards. Glass boards are rapidly replacing the whiteboards for much better results in the modern day however. These provide same efficient writing features along with ultra-easy erase ability as well. The glass boards are essentially made from laminated glass and come in various sizes, shapes and dimensions enabling them to be set up on whatever part of the wall required. For classrooms of all levels, differently sized glass boards in suitable color options have the ability to live much longer lives than the traditional whiteboards because whiteboards due to the high usage got ink ghosted pretty soon, whereas the glass boards will keep their new shine and appearance for much longer periods of time.

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Meeting Rooms Multipurpose Usage

Businesses of various types require meeting room setups where presentations including many writing explanations are in order. For these situations, glass boards provide a very sustainable option as they come in any desired colors and some darker ones can even incorporate projector displays as well wherever needed. The smoothness and shine of their surfaces also add to the elegance of the room where traditional whiteboards looked chunky and plain. When not beings used, nicely shaped and colored ones can just provide better design themes as well for the professional environment. The multipurpose usage of the glass boards and their longer life spans provide some truly sustainable uses of the glass erase boards.

Workspaces Task Dedicator

Different offices and workspaces always require dedicated task boards where managers can dedicate tasks to all the people in the offices. Glass boards installed on a wall near manager’s office or the most obvious wall in the workplace hall have the ability to provide a writeable surface where different tasks along their required completion times can be pointed out using different color markers for different people as well. Another very plausible application of these very functional glass boards is to use them as magnetic notice boards in office spaces. When a magnetic sheet is installed in close proximity at the back side of these glass boards, notes or comments can be posted on them using small lightweight magnetic clips on the topsides containing all the tasks needed to be completed by certain people. Glass boards will provide much longer lives and elegant designs than the whiteboards making them a very sustainable option as well.

Kids Rooms Fun Times

Kids are big fans of new ideas and always love ones that can engage their activities in a better way. Glass boards in their rooms have the ability to provide them with a very fun time surface where they can draw their favorite cartoon characters or their annoying sibling portraits along with what they would ideally want to do with them. Kids will have to be trained to not be too naughty with what they draw, certain too rough drawings should be prohibited as they can raise violence in them. Parents need to take control with this one, however when installed correctly on the walls on low levels for kids, the glass boards made from very strong and durable laminated glass sheets have the ability to provide a very sustainable and long lasting writing or drawing surfaces for the kids. Their added strength and durability levels offer on of the most sustainable uses of the glass erase boards for the kid’s rooms.

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Kitchen Organizer

Kitchens in every household are one of the most used places. Parents, teenagers and others in houses are always spending time in kitchens cooking meals, cleaning dishes or doing other kitchen chores in general. Glass boards have the ability to make organizing job much easier by providing a very smooth writable surface anywhere in the whole kitchen. They are not limited to wall usage or other hanging styles at all. The laminated glass sheets are particularly strong and durable because of their customized construction processes and offer very long lasting properties unless they are hit intentionally with the aim of breaking them. Versions of them can even be installed on countertops or tabletops and while parents in the kitchens are watching YouTube vides, they can quickly jot down all the ingredients and also write daily menu on them when required.

Family Room Drawing Playtime

Family rooms are common rooms often used by all the family for different times of the day and purposes. A relishing idea is to install glass boards in the family room where everyone can access them easily and use them for any group or family activities in order to charm up the moods of the whole family. This routine has the ability to develop strong family bonds boosted by the group activities where everyone can play there part effectively and contribute according to their own sense and perception.

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Multipurpose Surfaced in Workspaces

Workplaces can benefit from glass boards in more than one ways. Presentation boards or notice boards is one thing but another very effective usage of bigger sized glass boards is to install them as table separators on office tables. Doing this, space can be managed effectively and also the colored glass boards provide great opportunities for making different table spaces private for the employees while providing a quick and easy writing surface on which they can write or draw any work related texts, graphs or tables. Additionally, glass boards can be efficiently used to act as wall separators. Floor to ceiling sized glass pieces can not only provide very durable and weatherproof long lasting walls but also large sized writing surfaces where all the official work or analysis can be done easily. The Hollywood blockbuster “The Accountant” shows a perfect example of the glass walls used as writing surfaces where ‘Ben Affleck’, the main character in the film uses glass windows and doors to do his important calculations.

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