Are There Natural Steroids For Muscle Growth?

What are natural steroids?They are alternatives to steroids and are called as boosters or enhancers or stackers or even supporters. They give good results (not as much as a steroid) and there is no legal issue related to them as they are not something that is banned and do not have as many health risks as well.

 Are There Natural Steroids For Muscle Growth?

Natural alternatives to steroids

Here are some natural alternatives to some famous steroids.

  1. Dianabol – Its legal natural alternative is D-BAL which works faster and has safer ingredients.
  2. Trenbolone –When used in cutting cycle, you can retain the muscle while you lose the fat. It is reasonably priced also.
  3. Clenbuterol – Its legal alternative is called Clenbutrol. It is very effective at rapid weight loss and preserves muscle and there is lean muscle build also. There is an increase in the performance and a good muscle fat ratio too.
  4. Anadrol –So, what you get is good pumped up muscles and there is an increase in the stamina and strength too.
  5. Deca- Durabolin – Its legal alternative is Decaduro which works excellently on muscle gains, improves strength and stamina, faster recovery from injuries and also relieved pains in the joints usually caused after workout. It is not as strong as Deca-durabolin but gives effects close to it and remember that it is not that cheap also.
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Natural Anabolics:

Apart from using these alternatives, there are some natural anabolics available in your kitchen that can give you great results.  They are natural products that are safest for your body and work by activating your natural steroid hormones. Here is the list:

Saponins –This is the natural steroid that is contained in many natural food items. This helps in boosting testosterone levels.

Quinoa – Saponins are found in Quinoa which is considered to have some anabolic effects due to a compound called Ecdysteroids.  You can include Quinoa in your diet for 3 times in a week.

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Almonds–Almonds are rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin E which stimulates the production of testosterone.

Raw eggs – Raw eggs contain protein and cholesterol which helps to increase the protein synthesis which is the key to muscle building. Hence it will help to gain good muscle mass and also increase the testosterone levels.

Wild oats – Saponins are found in oats too. They work by stimulating the luteinizing hormone present in the pituitary glands and hence there is an increase in the production of testosterone levels in the testes.

Vegetables: Spinach – It has nitrates that increase the flow of blood which helps in improving performance. Celery is also good at improving blood flow. Beans are a good source of protein and contain L-dopa which boosts the production of testosterone. Onions are also good.

Brazil nuts – These have nutrients like L-arginine, selenium, cholesterol and anti-oxidants that boost the testosterone levels.

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Coconut oil and Olive oil – Apart from being good for skin and hair, they help in increasing the testosterone levels due to the cholesterol in them.

Pine pollen– It contains 22 amino acids, 15 vitamins, 30 minerals and essential fatty acids that help to boost natural testosterone levels.