Best Credit Cards To Get Frequent Flyer Points

For anyone bitten by the wanderlust bug, Jet Airways’ frequent flyer program me is pretty much a blessing. Earning frequent flier miles that could help you save on your airfare, enjoy great updates, or simply get you a free air ticket is definitely a dream for most of us. JetPrivilege allows you to earn JPMiles at a quicker pace through its extensive programme partners,including a huge variety of co-brand credit cards. It’s like investing for your big tripgradually – only that the investment is like a big party in itself!

Best Credit Cards To Get Frequent Flyer Points

Here are a few of its best co-brand credit cards that accelerate your earningif JPMiles as you go about with your spends on a daily basis.

1)    Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card

This card is an absolute jackpot for your travelling soul. This card offers 10,000 JPMiles as a Welcome Bonus, along with another 5,000 Bonus JPMiles for yearly cardrenewals. How does it work? Every time you swipe your card, you add over 8 JPMiles for every INR 150 that you spend If you are a frequent flyer, this one is definitely meant for you.

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2)    Jet Airways Indusind Bank Odyssey Credit Card

This one will probably make you want to have a shopping schedule. With 15,000 JPMiles as a joining Bonus, and 5000 more as yearly card renewal Bonus, the card also helps you earn between 4-6 JPMiles on everyINR 100, depending on if your purchase is on a weekday or a weekend. It’s time you start planning your trips to the mall

3)    JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card

This black card gets you JPMiles on undertaking your very first transaction. With 15,000 JPMiles as joining Bonus to 10,000 JPMiles for card renewal, this card lets you earn in bulk as you cross a threshold of INR 1,50,000 within first 90 days. The base earning begins from 8 JPMiles for every INR 150 spent to over 24 JPMiles for revenue ticket transactions.

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4)    Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card

Starting with a 10,000 as enrolment Bonus, this card lets you earn up to 5,000 JPMiles on card renewal and between 4-7 JPMiles on everyINR 100 spent. Earn more when transacting withyour AMEX Card or on international purchases. For accelerating your earnings, you can shop on and enjoy 8-10 JPMiles on each INR 100 spent.

Apart from earning JPMiles, most of these cards also offer special privileges like an excess baggage allowance. Your privilege could also help you jump the line and check in through a dedicated counter!

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