Best Family-Friendly Destinations In Fortaleza

Drawing the attention of hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, Fortaleza is undoubtedly a city of dreams. With soft sand beaches being the top draw in this sunny, rapidly developing city, you can visit family-friendly Meireles, fishing, and boating base camp Mucuripe and low-key Praia do Futuro. Fortaleza is famous for its golden sand beaches, which are punctuated by red cliffs, palm trees, dunes, and lagoons. From amazing music venues to tongue-watering ice cream parlors, Fortaleza should be on your “must-visit destinations” list, guys!!!

Best Family-Friendly Destinations In Fortaleza

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Praia do Futuro

An amazing spot to visit in Fortaleza, Praia do Futuro will enthrall your heart and soul. Soothing oceanic winds, sunny weather, and soft sands make the perfect combination for a visitor to relax and chill. Already recommended by past visitors, this beach has strong surf that makes this a popular surfing destination that serves tropical drinks from numerous beach bars. If that’s what you are looking for, then make your plans, guys! Just take suggestions from your loved ones.

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Dragão do Mar

Titled Dragão do Mar or Dragon of the Sea, it is famed for offering a good time. With a much-revered history of this cultural center, visitors can enjoy a hive of activity, with plenty of bars and restaurants to check out, as well as Brazilian movies. If you are making plans to attend a concert or want to admire the collections of a regional museum, Dragão do Mar is one of the perfect sites to explore everything you want.

Parque Ecológico do Cocó

With some nice walking trails in this park, perhaps 1.25 km along with some 19th-century ruins of the site’s historic use as a salt processing facility, Parque Ecológico do Cocó offers a different look at the city and the fortitude of its inhabitants. Hit the floor of Coco Park with your kids and make some unexpected cherishable memories. If you are ready then book Delta business class tickets for your entire family.

Beach Park

Situated on the beach of Porto das Dunas in the municipality of Aquiraz, Beach Park is one of the many ‘much-loved destinations’ in Fortaleza. Being the largest water park in Brazil, there is Something for every member of your group awaiting you at Beach Park. If you have a longing to spend the best moments with your family, this destination park has attractions that will scare even the most daring member of your group.

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Iracema Beach

If you are making plans for Fortaleza this vacation, then Delta first-class seats from the official website and get exciting family vacation offers from them at the best rates possible. Take a bit of your time away from the brightness of the city and land yourself at Iracema Beach! A much popular destination among locals and travelers, the bohemian beach of Iracema Beach attracts a lively, late-night crowd of thrill-seekers and party junkies. Make your plans then, guys!!!

Metropolitan Cathedral

Spend some time and draw inspiration at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza. The cathedral was created in the Neo Gothic-Roman style and is the third-largest in the country, which was completed in 1978. Offering a wonderful place to sit down, relax, and recharge and cherish the interior aesthetic as it is very simple and can accommodate five thousand worshippers. The building is absolutely gorgeous and worth the visit!!

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Praia de Morro Branco

Add a visit to the Praia de Morro Branco which is ready to enthrall you completely. Follow a gravel road just before descending the hill to reach the beach, filled with reddish-brown and multi-colored sands contrasting with the azure-colored sea. Take some days off from your work and plan a journey to this amazing destination in Northern Brazil, Fortaleza. That sounds amazing, no?

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