Best Ways to Advertise In Our Digital Age

The need for advertising hasn’t gone away in the digital age, but it certainly has changed. In some sectors, advertising success used to mean starting the business name with the first letter of the alphabet to beat everyone else’s listing in the Yellow Pages. Now, half of all consumers don’t even remember what phone books are. What are the best ways to advertise in the digital age?

Best Ways to Advertise In Our Digital Age


Search engine optimization is without a doubt the most cost-effective means of advertising in the digital age. It might take months before your efforts pay off, but when they do you will not only get more traffic to your business website but also traffic that is looking for the kinds of products and services that you have to offer.


Pay-per-click advertising is also an online form of marketing. It’s perhaps not as effective as SEO, but it does start producing results nearly immediately. You can also stop putting money into it whenever you run out of funds or have produced the results that you want, so it’s good to do while waiting on SEO to kick in.

Engage Your Audience

The best advertising doesn’t just put messaging where your target audience will receive it so much as it will engage them. If you want to engage them the most effectively, then you need to target something everyone has attached to them all the time. That would be their smartphones. Using a platform such as Irio or another option lets you engage your target audience at the mobile electronics level so they are always a part of what you have going on with your business.


Sometimes, the best way to stand out in a digital age is to do something downright analog. Mail marketing still works, and it’s best if you send postcards instead of fliers or letters. Someone getting a postcard will inevitably glance at it, but they might not unfold a flier or open a letter. Do something short and sweet, and you might get their attention long enough to grab it.

Advertising Is a Necessity

Marketing used to be something a business did when it wanted to grow sales and revenue. Now, it’s a necessity just to create branding and a narrative that gets noticed in an economy where consumers are overloaded and every business is starving for limited attention. Use these ways to advertise in the digital age to make sure you stay afloat.