David Cates Points Out The Skills And Qualities Important In A Personal Injury Lawyer

Several thousand of personal injury claims are filed every year. While most of them are settled out of the court, many do make their way to the trial. David Cates mentions that no matter how a case progresses, personal injury attorneys need to make sure that their client leaves the court after being properly compensated. To guarantee this victory, a lawyer needs to have a high degree of competency and certain important skills. While their knowledge and qualification are obviously important, certain personal skills also play a role in winning a legal tussle.

No matter whether a person has been in a tragic car accident, suffered from a slip and fall at the job, or faced some other mishap, a good personal injury lawyer can help them to protect their rights. David Cates says that like doctors, lawyers also have their specific domains of expertise. Rather than contacting any attorney they might know, people must get in touch with the ones specializing in personal injury cases after being in an accident. These lawyers shall have in-depth knowledge on the right approach to maintain in accident cases and shall be well-acquainted with all important laws associated with it.

David Cates Points Out The Skills And Qualities Important In A Personal Injury Lawyer

Here are some of the most important skills that a personal injury lawyer must have, according to David Cates:

  • Research and writing skills: A good amount of advocating for a client is done in writing. In fact, right at the start of the case, the attorney needs to file written documents. Hence, a good attorney must know how to properly research legal issues and subsequently present them in court through a robust written argument. Impactful research and writing skills are vital for making any attorney.
  • Oral advocacy skills: While research and writing are obviously crucial to filing a claim, ultimately, the trial is conducted orally. Therefore, a good attorney must have the capability to properly argue and debate in front of the judge and the jury. Engaging and convincing public speaking skills are invaluable for any lawyer.
  • Listening Skills: An attorney can’t represent a client properly without getting to know them well. The lawyer must get to know all the facts linked with the case from the perspective for the client. Attorneys must actively ask questions to their clients and involve them in discussions. They should also always pay heed to any concerns the client may have, to be in the position to represent their best interest.

In addition to the skills underlined above, personal injury lawyers should also have proper investigative and communication skills. Much of the work of the attorney, including research and strategizing, happens behind the scenes. However, amidst all the complexities of a case, they should not forget to keep their clients in the loop in every step of the way. Proper communication between the client and the attorney is critical to any case.