Documents Required For Service Tax Registration

Service Tax is one of the most important and essential indirect taxes that have been imposed by our Central Government on a Service Provider. Service provider is a person who provides all the taxable services. Every person who is responsible for paying service tax has to apply to get service tax registration number.

Attaining Services Tax Registration Number is mandatory and compulsory for every firm, company or person if the collective amount of taxable services provided from a single or multiple premises in the previous financial years exceeds Nine Lakhs Rupees. The agreement of obtaining Service Tax Registration is statutorily required to be completed within 30 days from exceeding the above threshold limit of Nine Lakh Rupees.

Documents Required For Service Tax Registration

Documents required for Service Tax Registration

While you register online business, India, we all know that the service tax registration is needed when your turnover crosses 9 lakh rupees but in the case of sole proprietorship firm most of the people apply for service tax registration certificate in the starting. This is done because they have to open a current bank account and banks require at least one legal certification on their firm.

So, the Common Documents that are required for service tax registration are

  • Copy of the PAN Card of the Legal Entity or the Proprietor, registered.

  • Photograph and Proof of Identity of the person who is filling the application namely PAN Card, Voter Id Card, Passport, Driving Licence, Aadhar Card, or any other photo identity card which is issued by the Central Govt., State Govt., or the Public Sector Undertaking.

  • Document to establish possession of the premises has to be registered such as proof of ownership, allotment letter from the govt, lease or rent agreement and there should be no Objection from the Legal Owner.

  • All the details of the main bank account

  • The Memorandum

  • The Articles of the Association

  • The List of the Directors

  • Authorisation and approval by the Board of Directors/ Proprietors/ Partners for the person who is filing the application.

  • Business Transaction Numbers which have to be obtained from other govt departments or agencies like Customs Registration No. (BIN No.), Central Sales Tax No., Company Index No. (CIN), Import Export Code (IEC) No., and State Sales Tax No. (VAT) which has been issued proceeding to the filing of the Service Tax Registration application.

Advantages of Service Tax Registration

  • Exemption from the payment of service tax providers is given to the small scale service providers.

  • The compulsory registration provides taxable service to all the persons who have registered for service tax.

  • In the case of partnership or sole proprietorship, the service tax has to be deposited to the bank either at quarterly or monthly basis.

  • The service tax is not implied or applied on the services which are exported from India.

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