Gene Bernshtam: What Are the Traits of Successful Real Estate Investors?

Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors can earn profitable returns on their investments if they are smart enough to make the right choices. These investors are successful professionals with the excellent market knowledge and know the latest trends to bag the best property deals. If you are new to the real estate market and wish to earn superior returns from what you invest, it is prudent to know what are the essential traits of good investors so that you can succeed too. With this knowledge, you can identify whether you have these traits or not and how you can hone them to your convenience.

  • Gene Bernshtam- succeeded as a real estate investor 

Gene Bernshtam is a leading name in the proper estate industry in Illinois. He is an expert in commercial real estate property development and business. He has graduated in finance and has good knowledge of economics as well. Besides the above, he is an avid car collector and regularly participates in auto restoration projects; he enjoys traveling and is fond of scuba diving and weight-lifting. 

  • Judgmental skills 
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Not all real estate investors are successful; some fail as they do not have the fundamental traits that every expert should have when it comes to profits in the market. According to him, successful real estate investors are never driven by ego. They have excellent judgmental skills, which helps them make the right choices all the time. When it comes to the ego, it should never be allowed to overshadow your decision-making capability. If you allow your ego to take the better of you, the choices you make, especially in the real estate industry, will be ridden with risks. 

  • Financing and negotiating skills 

Good real estate investors have a sound knowledge of finance and take pride in their negotiating skills. Remember, when it comes to real estate deals, they should never be rushed. Perseverance is the key for any professional to bag the best deals. It would help if you were determined to undertake the proper research and knowledge needed before buying a property. This takes time and a lot of effort; however, it goes a very long way to help you get lucrative deals over time. 

  • The vision of the future
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According to Gene Bernshtam, good real estate investors have a vision. They believe in being creative and innovative regarding real estate investments and their value in the long run. They work on their vision and team it up with careful planning, risk management, and other strategies to make it successful in the market. They need to be a targeted audience to efficiently complete long and short-term goals. Along with commitment, they should be adaptive with their plans if there are problems out of their control that may arise. 

Real estate investments are not easy if you are not aware of market trends. Take time to find them out and incorporate prudent in bagging the best real estate deals now and in the future with success!