How Choose A Chew Toy For Your Dog

Chewing is every dog’s favorite pass-time, ranging from a puppy to an adult dog. When teething, most puppies have the urge to chew and they continue this into adulthood. Chewing helps dogs keep their chewing muscles healthy, teeth clean, and boosts their brain development. There are many types of chew toys available in pet stores, such as nylon bone dog chew toys. This article describes simple yet effective ways to choose a chew toy that best suits your dog.

How Choose A Chew Toy For Your Dog

Know Your Dog’s Chewing Habits

The most important factor while choosing a chew toy is to know what type of chewing habits your dog has. Aggressive dogs like to bite off big chunks of edible chews and swallow them quickly, while others gradually enjoy their chews toys, without destroying them. Long-lasting chew toys such as tennis balls or firm chew toys made of rubber work well for aggressively chewing dogs. Edible chew toys and raw hides are ideal for dogs that prefer to nibble on their chew toys gradually.

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Ensuring the Chew Toy Is Safe for Your Dog

While buying a toy for your dog, you need to ensure that it is safe for your dog and of good quality. If a chew toy is very hard for your thumbnail to press it down, then it’s not safe for your dog as such a hard toy can damage your dog’s teeth or jaws. Too soft a chew toy can also be dangerous for your dog.If it breaks easily, your dog can end up swallowing the pieces, choking on them. If your dog has food sensitivities or allergies, it’s best to check with a veterinarian about what chew types are considered safe for your dog. Since your dog will be chewing on the toy for an extended time, ensure that any chew toy you purchase is free of toxic materials.

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Observing Your Dog’s Behavior with New Toys

When you buy a toy for a dog, observe its interaction with the new toy to notice if your dog enjoys it. Purchasing a variety of toys will prevent boredom and keep your dog interested. Buying chew toys which can be stuffed with treats is also a great way to entice your dog to chew on its new toy.
Buying a chew toy for your dog can be confusing for pet-owners. Reading reviews online about the various available toys or talking to other pet owners can you new ideas about how to the buy the best chew toy for your dog. You can opt for nylon bone dog chew toys or other varieties, best suited for your dog.

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