How Online Business Owners Can Incorporate Chat Bots Into Their Marketing

As a business owner, you want to be on top of all the latest technology that can allow you to grow your business faster than your competitors. In the new technology arena, chat bots have been taking over many industries by storm. Here are four ways you can start incorporating chat bots into your business’s marketing strategies.

How Online Business Owners Can Incorporate Chat Bots Into Their Marketing

Greet Your Website Customers

One of the most influential places to install chatbot technology is on your website. This popular marketing method allows users to be instantly hands-on with your business. You’ll likely recognize chat boxes appearing at one of the corners of the website upon entry. It may say something like “How Can I Help You?”, or “Welcome to ABC Organization.” These chatbots can easily greet all of your website customers without your staff having to touch their keyboards.

To Qualify Your Leads

Leads are an essential part of growing your business. However, when you get an overload, it can be hard to figure out which leads are actually quality and which ones aren’t. To save yourself the costs associated with human labor, you can institute the help of chatbots for SMBs. These bots can funnel leads through a programmed set of questions to figure out if a potential lead is of high enough quality for your staff members to further assess.

Integrate with Messaging Platforms

Chat bots have really got their popularity among businesses big and small due to their ability to integrate messaging technology to various platforms. Customers who are trying to connect with you on platforms like Facebook messenger and Slack can be instantly answered by a chat bot. This bot can provide basic information to the customer and alert your staff if the conversation needs human interaction.

To Sell Your Items

The secret success that many businesses are just starting to take advantage of with the chat box technology is effortless selling. Chat bots can be implemented on sites like Kik where it asks standard questions to users. These questions are all asked in a friendly, not mechanical fashion. Based on the user’s responses, the chat bot will provide unique product suggestions with links to easily purchase each item.

Chatbots are becoming an integral part of every business’s marketing strategy. The above are just four of the many different ways that chatbots can be incorporated into your business. Once you start using them, we’re sure you won’t stop.