How Preventative HIV Medicine Can Help The Longevity Of Your Life

HIV/AIDS has led to the death of millions over time. Thankfully, modern medical advancements have been beneficial for people living with the virus. Those with the virus who have adhered to taking the drugs have benefitted. Their lives have been prolonged because their immune system is stronger. Medical advancements have led to the discovery of more complex antiretroviral drugs. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is an excellent example of the latest antiretroviral drugs. The drugs protect negative individuals from contracting the virus.

How Preventative HIV Medicine Can Help The Longevity Of Your Life

Benefits of Taking Antiretroviral Drugs

Typically, pre-exposure prophylaxis is a type of drug that prevents negative people from HIV. Like all other medications, they should be taken constantly. When you adhere to taking the drugs as instructed, chances of contracting the virus are mitigated. It means even when you are exposed to the virus, you may not contract it. Notably, the drug is the ultimate game-changer for HIV. Consequently, it is worth considering that the drug does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

PrEP drugs are usually crucial in preventing and reducing the spread of HIV. PrEPS effectiveness kicks in by stopping virus replication. When taken constantly, they may ultimately end the risk of HIV contraction. Therefore, it prolongs people’s lives because they have not contracted the virus.

When to Start Taking Preventive HIV Drugs

Taking an HIV test is a crucial step before you take the drugs. Suppose you already have the virus; it would be best not to take the drugs. That way, you can maintain a fighting chance against the virus. The drugs may form resistance in your immune system and prevent a fighting chance for you against the virus.

Virtual Order PrEP Medication can be taken if your partner is HIV positive. Also, the viral load of your sexual partner should be undetectable. Those in same-sex relationships who do not use protection are advised to take PrEP. Moreover, if you have multiple sexual partners, consider taking Prep. Those who do not know the status of their partners; those whose partners inject drugs in their bodies are advised to use Prep.

Additionally, those who exchange sex for gifts, money, or favors should take PrEP. Based on the type of sex you indulge in, PrEP can be administered differently. It is because people engage in either vaginal or anal sex.

When taking PrEP, make regular visits to your doctor’s office. The significant difference between PrEP and ARVS is that you do not have to take PrEP medication for life. The doctor will prescribe it for a certain period. Therefore, your life is adversely prolonged because it prevents HIV, lowering life expectancy. Also, consult with your doctor about other ways that can help you prevent contracting sex-related viruses. Prevention is the safest medicine.