How to Handle Mold In Your Workplace When You Need Employees to Keep Working

In some cases, mold is simply unsightly. In other situations, mold can be seriously dangerous to human health. Therefore, when you discover mold in the workplace, you cannot request that employees continue to perform their job responsibilities in the affected areas.

Isolate the Area

One simple solution is to isolate the area where mold growth exists. For example, if the mold is growing in the basement bathroom, you can likely still have employees working in the third-floor office. You may need to consolidate some workspaces or ask employees to share desks for a brief period of time. Make sure that the affected space is properly sealed off. Ask the professionals in mold remediation how to ensure safety in this area.

Hire Mold Removal Professionals

You might think that you can simply wipe away the mold to rid your business of this problem. The truth, however, is that you must hire professionals in mold removal services. Even if you clean up the substance, the mold can quickly grow back. Another issue is that wiping away the mold does not reveal the root of the problem. The professionals can identify where the mold is coming from or why the mold grew in the first place. Then, the team can work to address the cause of the mold to reduce the possibility of the substance returning.

Go Remote

Depending upon several factors, such as the physical size of the business and the extent of the mold, you may not be able to stay in the building. Chances are that your business has had some experience with remote working models in the past few years, so you can return to that setup while the mold is removed. If you’re able to stay in the business but need to use a consolidated space, you could schedule some employees to come into the office and some to work from home.

Rent a Space

You could also rent out offices in a co-working space. This solution is likely more appropriate for smaller businesses. Consider a space that offers small meeting rooms and business supplies, such as fax machines and copiers, so that your company can largely keep up with its regular happenings. You could also look into community centers, houses of worship, or hotels that rent out spaces for business purposes.

Ignoring the mold in your office is an irresponsible and potentially even fatal move. Fortunately, you can both have the mold treated and continue on with business.