How to Make A New Lunch Time Ritual For You and Your Kids

Mealtimes spent together with your children will help to strengthen your bond. Some children find it difficult to remain seated during lunch. Making new lunchtime rituals for you, and your children will assist in bringing the family together during meals. Here are a few new lunchtime rituals to consider.

How to Make A New Lunch Time Ritual For You and Your Kids

Set the Dining Table

Most families overlook the importance of using the dining table. Children nowadays prefer to eat while playing or in their rooms. Make dining in the dining room a new family ritual to bring your family closer together.

It would help if you also involved your family’s children in the process of setting the table. You’ll make it easier for the kids to transition to mealtime this way. Preparing the dining table with your children makes it easier for them to settle in, and avoids catching them off guard or annoying them.

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Add Some Snacks on the Dining Table

Due to their love of movement, some children are picky eaters or never have time to settle. If your children are picky eaters, include their favorite snacks, such as Kaiser buns, to entice them to sit down and eat. Consider making the best sandwich with Kaiser buns for a more enjoyable lunch.

The Dining Place Should Be a No Phone Zone

Kids can be refusing or be a slow eater as they spend more time on the phone. As a parent, make an excellent example by making lunchtime a “no phone time.” Talk to your kids about the importance of keeping the phone away during mealtime.

It’s much easier for the kids to settle down and eat when there are no distractions from the screen. It’s also an excellent opportunity to interact with the children and get to know them better. Furthermore, it may be difficult at first to keep your children away from their screens, but by making it a ritual, they will become accustomed to it.

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Make Lunchtime a Musical Moment

During lunch, turn off the phone and listen to soft music in the background. Consider designating a specific genre of music to get played during lunch. If the child connects with the music, it can assist them in remaining calm and enjoying their meals, and signals the brain during mealtime. You can sing a mealtime song to young children and toddlers to encourage them to eat their lunch. Make the music a part of the mealtime routine so that the child associates it with mealtime.

The best time to connect with your children is during lunch. It’s critical to establish a new lunchtime ritual that encourages you, plus your child, to relax and enjoy your meals.