How to Source Replacement Parts for Your Manufacturing Equipment

Many things can go wrong with the equipment you use in your manufacturing process, and even more, things can go wrong with the parts you’re using. If you’ve found yourself dealing with a broken part of your machine, it might be time for a little creativity to replace or fix it. It’s not always easy to source replacement parts that will match up perfectly, but these tips may help narrow down your options.

Check Your Local Scrap Yard

This one may seem obvious, but it’s not as easy to execute as you think. Sometimes people will be very selective about what is and isn’t acceptable for donation to the scrap yard. They won’t always work with you if you don’t have a business license or other proof of ownership. However, this method can work if your part has been discontinued or is otherwise no longer available through retail channels.

Keep a Spare Part on Hand

It’s always a good idea to keep a spare of any vital part you need to keep your equipment running. You never know when your piece will fail and you want to be ready for it. The more pieces you have on hand, the more likely one of them will fail. When it does, you will have a replacement ready and waiting for you.

Find a Similar Replacement Part

You’ll have to pay attention to the quality of the part you’re trying to find. You’ll want something that will be able to get the job done as well as your original piece. You’ll probably be looking for something that is on a comparable level. With a little luck, you should be able to find a piece that performs at least as good or better than your original part did. Companies like Lithography Solutions, LLC offer a huge array of replacement parts in a wide range of products to meet your requirements.

Check With the Manufacturer

You will often be able to locate replacement parts in higher quantities or in greater numbers than what one manufacturer may let you have. You may find that they do have a part you can use with one company, but they also make it for another company. You may be able to find a similar replacement part through another company and have the manufacturer switch it out for you. You may want to call the manufacturer or visit their website for any additional questions or concerns you may have about locating replacement parts.

There are many ways to rectify a broken part of your equipment, but it can take a little time and effort to find the right one. Keep an eye out for manufacturing tips specific to your part, and you should be able to find the part you need when you need it the most.