How to Stay Safe From Construction Site Heights

Heights are a common threat that nearly every construction worker must overcome safely. Working in highly-elevated areas can be dangerous, which is why employees are urged to use special safety precautions when working around heights. The following are some safety regulations that construction companies must take when their employees are working at heights. 

How to Stay Safe From Construction Site Heights

Precautions with Ladders 

Often in the construction field, employees use ladders without a second thought. However, utilizing outdated or damaged equipment can pose a serious threat. Old ladders can be unstable and can fall over. All equipment, including ladders, should be inspected before they are used on a construction site. Faulty and damaged ladders should be immediately disposed of to minimize the risk of workers using them accidentally 

When climbing a ladder, it’s important to take necessary precautions. Make sure to place ladders on stable surfaces to avoid falling. You also want to be sure to face the ladder when climbing up or down it. Always keep two hands and one foot on the ladder. Lastly, remember that the top wrung is not a step. 


Check harnesses to make sure they are fully functional and show no signs of damage or wear. Make sure they follow inspection regulations and pay attention to hardware items like straps, grommets, and buckles. In addition, make sure that the harness fits correctly and adjusts as necessary so the harness tightly fits the employee wearing it. Make sure leg straps are also adjusted. A regular and thorough inspection is essential when wearing safety gear. 


Make sure the scaffolding is safe. It is important to make sure that proper training is provided to any individual that uses this type of elevation equipment. Never exceed the load of the platform with materials or people. 

Be sure that the guard rails are in order and only remove them temporarily if you have large materials. You should also wear protective gear when necessary. 

Elevated Platforms 

Employees that use aerial lifts must be certified and trained. In addition, this equipment must be examined and maintained prior to being used. If your construction team doesn’t typically utilize elevation equipment, make sure to rent quality tools from reputable services such as Redtail Equipment Rental. Operating faulty equipment can be detrimental to your business, so always work alongside a rental service that you can trust. 

Whenever you work, be sure to wear safety gear and have your gear regularly inspected to meet safety requirements. Harnesses and other lifting equipment should also be checked frequently to make sure cords are strong and safe. 

If you work with ladders and scaffolds and any other tools that work with heights, be sure to invest in quality equipment that protects workers’ safety. This type of equipment may be mandatory in your state, or it may become mandatory at any time in the future.