Important Tips For Playing Golf Under Duress

Mastering the art of playing golf under duress is the key to success. One penny for my thought on how to become a pro golfer whose name is chanted here and there for successful tours, it starts right at the point you learn to contain yourself. Seriously that ain’t no piece of joke at all, especially for a freshman. It is difficult but not impossible. Not with the tips given below:

Important Tips For Playing Golf Under Duress

Control your fear

It is not unlikely to find yourself in a situation where fear would set in. Even the best golf players trainer in the world sometimes experience fear. But you have to control your fear to stop it from getting better part of you when you are in the middle of a game. To control your fear, you have to engage yourself in in mental exercises such as yoga which is great for staying mentally healthy. During your free hours, take a little time out once in awhile to assume you are in a tough tour and you are playing under pressure- assume that the situation triggers fear in you. For that, determine effective way to control the fear.

Courage they say isn’t the absence of fear, but letting your will prevail even in the middle of fear. For that turn fear into an advantage by thinking of something that arouses your spirit. As much as that you need to stay aroused, being over excited could also lead to lack of proper control and become tense. Being tense makes you lose focus.

Repel the demon inside you

There is always that demon on the inside that tries to shake you off when the going gets a little ugly. It tells you that you can’t make, hence preventing you from seeing positive chances. You need to counter that demon whenever it comes up. However tense a situation is, think positive. Always see the good side of it. Whenever you hear that voice, shun it and and stay focused on the game. Make up your mind that even if you will fail, you will do the best you can. The more you ditch that voice, the less you hear it.

Never pay attention your body or your moves

Playing under pressure, most freshmen would focus on the solid golf swing or every moves they make. The idea of paying too much attention to your moves impedes your chances of making a good shot. It is important to focus more on the outcome that your moves will produce, not the moves itself. Paying attention to the outcomes would be more like envisaging every your moves which is a good thing for the fact that it helps your to determine the outcomes of every move you make.

Blow your trumpet

Learn to address yourself positively. And in the midst of any situation, good or bad, always blow your trumpet. Give yourself one thousand reasons and one reasons that you are good. Use encouraging terms to designate your yourself. Keep your head up. But don’t blow your trumpet out of proportion.

Olivia Rs