Injured On Your Bike? How to Work Your Way Through This Situation

You get recreation, opportunities for sightseeing, and important health benefits with bike riding. This form of exercise can diminish your chances of cardiovascular diseases by almost half. By riding your bike to work, the risk of death declines by 52 percent.

Yet, thanks to rough road conditions, densely-populated areas, and careless drivers, a bicycle trip can injure you. Even if you don’t suffer catastrophic injuries, a bicycle accident can take a physical and emotional toll. Here are some ways to help you recover from a bicycle crash and return to two-wheeling.

Injured On Your Bike? How to Work Your Way Through This Situation

Get Immediate Medical Attention

As with any accident, call 911 or have someone do so. Prompt attention from paramedics and emergency room doctors becomes critical given the risk of serious injuries or even death. Nearly 846 people nationwide died from bicycle accidents in 2019. Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries often result because of the lack of protection bicyclists face from collisions with vehicles.

Trained emergency workers can stabilize or carefully move you to avoid causing or aggravating these severe problems. With emergency attention also comes the discovery of injuries which at first blush seem not serious. MRIs, X-rays, and other tests might reveal concussions, internal swelling, bruises, or fractures.

Heal and Rehabilitate

Before you can ride, you must heal. This means pain management, surgery to correct any fractures, and physical therapy. You can rebuild arm, back, or leg strength and endurance through exercises such as one-arm pushups, stretching, squats, and bending. Physical therapists will show you techniques that you practice during therapy sessions and at home. Consider kiwi, lemons, grapefruits, oranges, tomatoes, and lemons for the vitamin C that can repair torn or damaged tissues.

Recovery from bicycle injuries also includes psychological counseling and therapy. A psychologist, psychiatrist, or mental health counselor can help you process and overcome the trauma of the accident and apprehension of cycling in the future. You may get help setting realistic timelines for recovery and resumption of bike riding.

Pursue Legal Action

Bicycle accidents often result from a car or truck driver’s negligence. Careless driving includes the motorist’s failure to watch for or slow when approaching bicyclists and passing in no-passing zones. Texting while driving, impaired driving, and failing to respect bicycles as vehicles contribute to inattentiveness and negligence.

Personal injury lawyers, like those at Frank Penney Injury Lawyers, know that you can pursue compensation for bicyclists injured by negligent and reckless automobile drivers. Victims of bicycle accidents can recover medical expenses for emergency room visits, physical therapy, surgeries, and pain medication. Other damages include lost wages, lost earning capacity, and pain and suffering. Bicycle injury lawyers identify available liability insurance from the at-fault driver and uninsured or underinsured coverage on the cyclist’s vehicles.

Back on the Bike

Take time to build your physical endurance and confidence in the bike. Start with a stationary bike to regain the feel of the saddle, handlebars, and pedals. During this stage, you concentrate on the techniques and fundamentals of cycling.

When you’re ready for the road, begin with short trips along familiar paths. Find designated bike paths if possible. Other good places to retrain include flat or straight areas especially away from traffic. As you regain skill, confidence, and strength, increase the times and distances of your rides.

Dealing with a bicycle accident involves time and effort on your part to repair the physical, mental, and financial damage caused by a careless driver. Rely upon fellow cyclists and professionals from the biking, health, and legal fields to aid your recovery. Finally, regain the confidence and joy of bike riding through retraining and getting back on your bicycle.