Know More About Your Favourite Sashi and Sashirekha Parinayam Serial

Sashi B.Tech had become a household name, ever since the serial ‘Sashirekha Parinayanam’ started airing on MAA TV. The role was played by Meghana Lokesh, a famous Telugu and Kannada film and television actress. Before disclosing what Meghna wanted to do in her life before becoming an actress, let me brief on her role as Sashi B.Tech.

Know More About Your Favourite Sashi and Sashirekha Parinayam Serial

A Brief Storyline of the Serial

Well, all stories have both love and hatred, jealousy and success, happiness and heart breaks. But, all the stories are unique in their own way. The serial Sashirekha Parinayam derives its name from a famous Telugu film of the same name, which had the pretty Genelia D’Souza as the lead actress. The serial revolves around three main characters Sashi, Abhi and Janu. Abhi believes in fate and is portrayed as looking for a true soulmate. Janu, who is shown as a cunning character tries to win Abhi’s love and marry him. But Abhi finds his true soulmate in Shashi, which becomes unacceptable for Janu. Fate supports Janu when she meets with an accident and with a new identity enters Abhi’s family, becoming his dream girl. Meanwhile, Sashi and Ajay are all set to marry. The climax comes when Ajay moves forward to tie the mangalsutra and the truth about Ajay’s misdeeds comes to the fore. Here, on the day of engagement of Abhi and Janu, Shashi’s sister reveals Janu’s true identity and the couple breaks off. Finally Shashi and Abhi gets married. But fate had decided something else for them. Due to certain turn of events, they plan to file for divorce.

What we Learn from the Serial?

This is the basic storyline of the serial Sashirekha Parinayam. Though we generally avoid the fact that serials have a lot to teach us, but this is the reality. This serial too teaches us a few important values of life that must be remembered always.

  • Fate has an important role to play in a person’s life. But, that doesn’t mean you can sit idle and wait for fate to do its work. Along with fate you will have to work hard to achieve success, just like your favourite Sashi.
  • Love is pure. It cannot be snatched. Evil deeds can give you success for the short run. Take the example of Janu. She tried her best to marry Abhi. Even her identity change gave her success, but that too was short lived.
  • Love should not be based on complexion or beauty. One should love the soul. Abhi visualized his dream girl in Janu, but finally he ended up marrying Sashi. Shashi’s character has been portrayed throughout the serial of having a very good heart, soul and true as well as of hardworking nature.

Here’s more on your Favourite Sashi

The role is played by the very talented Meghana Lokesh. Born in Mysore, she comes from a sober family and did her studies from Mysore itself. Did you know that Meghana never wanted to be an actress? Yes! You read that right. She always wanted to be a chemistry lecturer. But, fate had something else stored in for her. She was compelled to discontinue studies, when she had to shoot in Bangalore. But, Meghana or Sashi, however you like to call her is quite happy with her chirpy role in the serial Sashirakha Parinayam.

Now that you know more about your favourite serial, why not watch it whenever you feel like. Even if you have missed an episode, you can always watch it. There are good online telugu sites which offers the full episodes to be watched during your preferred time.