Legal Steps You Can Take If Your Insurance Claim Is Denied

If you’re trying to file a claim after an accident with your health or auto insurance, it can be easy to find yourself in a difficult situation. You might have good reason for thinking that the claims company is denying your claim unfairly, but if you don’t know what steps to take next, this article will help you get the process started. I’ll start by giving some general information about what happens when filing an insurance claim.

Legal Steps You Can Take If Your Insurance Claim Is Denied

Appeal the Decision

Programs are in place to help people get the legal assistance they need. The first thing you need to do is appeal the claims company’s decision to deny your claim. Under an auto insurance coverage policy, there are two steps to take. First, you request an appeal, which you must apply for within 30 days of receiving notice of the decision. The second step is to have a state-licensed financial services company review your case and make a decision on whether or not the insurance company was correct in their denial choice.

File a Lawsuit

If your case is denied, you might file a lawsuit against the insurance company. To do so, you would need to hire a personal injury attorney and file a complaint in court. The process of hiring an attorney is different for personal injury cases than it is for disability claims. Most attorneys who handle work injury cases will be able to handle those as well, but if you’re dealing with an auto accident and health issues, it’s important that you find out what the process will be before you decide on an attorney.

Negotiate a Settlement

Once your attorney files a lawsuit, it’s then up to the insurance company to decide whether or not they want to negotiate a settlement. There are many factors that go into this decision, including whether or not they believe you will win the case. If there is no settlement offer made, your case will be put on hold pending a court date. When your case goes before the judge, you will have the chance to tell him or her everything that happened and show that you were wronged by the insurance company.

There are many things that go into filing an insurance claim, but if you take the time to learn about them before you get into a situation where your case is denied, you’ll be in a better position to fight back. No matter what happens, all of this information should give you an idea of what you should expect when dealing with an insurance company.