List Of Air Conditioners Under 30K Which You Can Bring Home Today

Summer is just around the corner, ready to attack you with the heat. Thinking of a life without air conditioner in India sounds like a nightmare where you will be sweating till eternity. Split air conditioners have created their own popularity in the market because of their stylish looks, comfort adjustment and innovative features. Searching for a new Air Conditioner Online, which assures to end the heat for you within your budget, is not less than a complex task.

This seems like the perfect time to invest in these modern day cooling machines, before summer strikes and hits you hard. You can find a variety of different Air Conditioner Online, at different price range. To make this choice a little bit easier for you, we have listed the best air conditioner in the market currently, which will cost you less than Rs 30,000.

List Of Air Conditioners Under 30K Which You Can Bring Home Today

Blue Star 3HW12JB1 1 Ton, 3 Star Split AC

One of the best Split AC models of 2015, this Blue Star device ensures to give you cooling with its 3 star rating that also promises to save some slack on your electricity bill. You can buy this Air Conditioner Online, for only Rs. 26,990.

With its great outlook and attractive price, the product also offers you with multiple features like carbon filter, self diagnosis, timer, silver ion filter, auto restart, LCD remote and sleep mode.

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Voltas 183 CY 1.5 Ton, 3 Star Split AC

The reputed brand serves to maintain its name with this product. You can find the Air Conditioner Online, at just Rs. 27,490. The high EER transplanted in the product assures to cool the room within a minute. It’s apt with 4900 Watts, which promises to turn the hottest day cool in your house.

The product contributes to minimum noise and is best for large rooms and comes with all the remote features of LCD back lit remote, sleep mode, timer, auto restart, power saver and a dust filter.

LG LSA5NP3A1 1.5 Ton, 3 Star Split AC

The company is living up to its motto, by manufacturing products like this and ensuring its customers that indeed ‘Life’s Good’. This 1 ton AC comes with a 5157 Watts of cooling capacity. It works with a rotary gas compressor, which is enough to provide you fast and efficient cooling. It is apt with features like swing settings, two way air flow and auto air swing which ensures to cool the whole room. You can buy this Air Conditioner Online at just Rs 29,000.

The product consist of numerous innovative features like Himalayan technology, two way air flow, anti bacterial filter, dust filter, monsoon comfort technology for humid weather, chaos mode and sleep mode etc; compressed into this modern day cooling machine. But unlike all the other popular AC’s it isn’t apt with E-saver or power saving feature in its setting. Its remote buttons go invisible in the dark, as they don’t have any glow radiant’s within the buttons.

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Hitachi RAU312HVDOB 1 Ton, 3 Star Split AC

This product comes from Japan’s most trusted brands in India, Hitachi and it completely serves to satisfy its customers with this air conditioner. You can purchase this Air Conditioner Online or by other means at Rs.28, 990. The product only weighs 1 ton and has a low power consumption which will help you save your money and electricity. The product contributes to multiple features like quick cooling, durable life, remote features, dust filter and dry mode, that is best for removing all the excess moisture from the surroundings and LCD remote with a five fan speed setting. This product is available only on, and the site doesn’t provide free installation facility.

LG LSA5PW3A 1.5 Ton, 3 Star Split AC

LG is electronic manufacturing company which has managed to get a strong grip around the market in India. You can buy this LG Air Conditioner Online at a nominal price of only Rs. 28,190. The product has a new Himalayan cool technology that contributes to effective cooling with minimum power consumption. Its sleek design, auto cleaning feature with dust and anti bacterial filters, timer, sleep mode, sweet dream mode turn this product into a must have. It also comes with E-saver setting that controls the temperature and saves power.

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Final Thought:The list above provides you with the best air conditioners under your budget. Now considering the fact your budget is Rs 30000, LG LSA5NP3A1 1.5 Ton, 3 Star Split AC, is the best deal for you, the product offers you all the latest features while giving you a bacterial filter protection. Not only this; the AC also protects you from the heat along with helping you to stay healthy and fit. If you want to save on some extra money than you can get Blue Star 3HW12JB1 1 Ton, 3 Star Split AC, it however lacks advanced features.