Looking for an Affordable Toy for your Kid- the 3 in 1 Trike is your Option


Yes, in today’s time, parents endeavor their best to get the most durable and efficient stuff for their kids. It should be productive, reliable and secure for their kids. And keeping all the points in mind, Fascol brings to you, 3 in 1 Trike Green. It is one hell of a lucky purchase for mothers and kids as it renders utility at three different stages of your kid.

  • As a baby, the mother can carry their babies for evening strolls and walk
  • As a toddler, the mother can take him along for shopping as he enjoys his cycling
  • As a grown up child, he/ she can ride it on their own and enjoy the best of the cycling experience

Crafted with metallic frame, EVA wheel and plastic spare parts, the trike is durable and rust proof. It features non slip rubber grip handles which render good grip to the hands and long life service. The silent riding wheels are good on the roads- interior as well as exterior. It also features a removable shade protectant for the security of the child from sun and rain. As a part of safety measure, the trike has a removable push handle which allows the parent to control direction of the vehicle with one hand.

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The back support seat is comfortable and high. It comes decked with security pads and seat belts. The modifiable seat develops with your kid i.e. it is adjustable according to the growth of your baby. The extra – large bucket is perfect for storing things. Recommended for kids from 1 month to 5 years, the trike can handle the maximum load of 50kg.

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If you’re really looking for something long lasting, efficient and good, then 3 in 1 trike green will definitely serve your purpose well. Go for it, if you aren’t going to purchase another bike in the coming time. Your kid can fulfill all his cycling skills on his baby bike. It is a fantastic way to make our kid acknowledge his childhood along with growing stage. Present your infant or toddler with this enticing gift to ensure that they have an exciting childhood. Available in green color, the trike is a great looking vehicle suitable for kids who love riding bikes on the outdoors. So, place your order now from the comfort of your home and await the delivery of the product in few days, right at your doorways!

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