Mediation And Collaborative Divorce: The Only Way Out Without War

Are you fed up with your marriage and want to opt out? Who is the lawyer you consider bringing in? Are they equal to the tax or can they be trusted? As much as you want out and you want out as badly as ASAP, why don’t you play the game a little while longer, figuring out the suitable lawyer to use for the cause.

Mediation And Collaborative Divorce: The Only Way Out Without War

The most critical factor to give a serious thought when opting out is the issue at hand as much as what is at stake. For a marriage that lasts for a little long and there are no children, you could opt out easily and not anticipate future crisis. On the other hand, it would be a little daunting to dissolve a marital affair that involves kids. All in all the situation has to be the main thing factoring your choice of attorney as well as the alternative to divorce.

Protecting the interests of your children now and in time to come is critical as that is the only way you would ensure a good life for them. Hence, you and your partner, about to be your ex has to go about the divorce in a manner that will not jeopardize the life of the kids. For that, I would recommend either collaborative divorce or mediation which paves the way for couples to bury the hatchet as they separate. Resolving the differences, they can peacefully negotiate terms like support as well as parenting for the children, alimony and stuffs like that.

The beauty of mediation and collaborative divorce is that they are less bureaucratic, less expensive, confidential and non litigious and quite effective for preventing issues post wedlock. Of course, a lot like a boomerang, if not well sorted out, divorce will backfire haunting the parties involved. Through mediation and collaborative divorce, all that war is kept at bay.

Mediation and collaborative divorce are alternative means of getting all those hatchets buried while things which are critical to the protection of the family are planned and settled. The processes are coordinated by a mediator. The mediator is the moderator. As an attorney of family law, to be more specific, one with great expertise in all aspects of family law, using his experience in similar cases, ensures smooth conversation between couple so that every bit of a situation is well managed. The attorney guides the conversation and facilitates the process which simply involves settling terms, planning and discussing how to afford the children better life post divorce.

To finalize the process, both parties have to be bound by the law to validate the process and make certain that they don’t compromise settled terms. Hence, they both sign a document of participation- a contract of participation. The entire mediation process is as legal as going through the red tape, strict, lengthy, litigious and expensive court divorce.

All in all, when hiring a divorce lawyer, look for one that use your situation to determine what is best for you, not one that will place you in a lengthy exhaustive litigious process so that the longer the case, the more money they will make from you. Invest smartly in a lawyer- make the right pick. 

Olivia Rs