Ranakpur – A Tranquil Town In Rajasthan Most Noted For The Revered Jain Temples

Ranakpur is a small spiritual town in the state of Rajasthan. It is located on a beautiful valley in the Aravali Range and is most noted for being home to the beautiful white marble Ranakpur Jain temples. Visit the quaint city for a relaxing vacation and pick from the best hotels in Ranakpur.

Ranakpur is a small town located in the state of Rajasthan, and is a popular tourist destination in the region around. It is located on the way from Udaipur to Jodhpur. The place is most known for the beautiful white marble Jain temples that are located in the midst of lush green surroundings. These temples are amongst the most revered Jain temples in the world thus, making Ranakpur a highly significant spiritual place. Nature blesses the place in abundance as it is set in a beautiful valley to the west of magnificent Aravali Range. There are a couple of small villages filling up the surrounding, which also serve as an excellent medium to explore and relish the culture of Rajasthan.

Ranakpur - A Tranquil Town In Rajasthan Most Noted For The Revered Jain Temples

Since the place owns immense religious significance and thus sees a continuous flow of pilgrims, accessing it becomes as easy task because there are excellent roads connecting the place to rest of Rajasthan. Getting into Ranakpur via taxis or buses that are available at Udaipur bus junction is an easy way of accessing the town. The religious town is to the north of Udaipur with the distance of about 91 k.m. (about 2 hours driving distance). The nearest railway station is in Falna which is about 30 k.m. from the town. From here one can hire taxis which will charge around INR 350. For those taking the flight options, Udaipur airport is the nearest airport to the town.
Ranakpur has small province however, there are certain attractions and things to do in Ranakpur that one can look forward to. Note that since the place is a village and less modernized so there are no taxis or autorickshaws to get around. But, there are a few number of good hotels in Ranakpur providing above satisfactory stay to the guests. Most of the tourists prefer to stay here for a day or two, which is sufficient to explore and discover the place.

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The Ranakpur Jain temple is the prime dominant attraction here. It is an old temple, beautifully constructed with numerous white marble columns. The temple is one of the most well-known temples in the state, dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankara, who founded the Jain religion. It is a huge temple with a height of 7 meters, and artistically carved and ornate. Dressing appropriately is necessary if one wants to enter the temple. One will often see Jain monks and pilgrims worshiping the deity. The visiting hours are from noon to 5 p.m., morning are reserved for prayers.

Apart from the prime Ranakpur Jain temple there are two other small Jain temples in the vicinity. Plus, there also exists an old Hindu temple dedicated to the Sun God. Ranakpur is a perfect destination for the city-worn travellers to spend a relaxing vacation. It is quite, scenic, and very spiritual.

Lodgings are provided by the hotels. There exist some excellent hotels that are counted amongst best hotels in the state. The budget hotels in Ranakpur in particular are quite popular among the tourists. Well equipped with all modern amenities the budget hotels are best known to offer value for money accommodations to the guests.

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