Relocating? What to Plan For When Moving Your Companies Office

An office move is challenging to plan and tedious because the seemingly small items turn into bulky hard to carry luggage after packing. Some unexpected things might happen when making it necessary to hire seasoned corporate movers. You need to plan for the following when moving company offices.

Learn the Rules at the New Office Building

You need to know all building rules on relocation at the new building unless you are the owner. For instance, some buildings have specific rules as to when tenants are allowed to move. Others may ask for a special request to use an elevator or lift for carrying office equipment. The rules dictate the logistics so you must get them early as possible. This will ease any tension between you and the new building management. Communication is key to a simple transition.

Form a Moving Team

You can inform everyone in the office to prepare for relocation but there might be a lack of coordination when nobody is leading. Form a moving team, since you might be too busy to oversee everything. Appoint a moving manager with multi-tasking, organization, communication, and budgeting skills to lead the team. 


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Each department that will be part of the move should have at least one representative in the moving team to strategize on packing and moving items. The team should meet often, ask colleagues to pack the belonging at their workstations early and inform you about any emerging challenges.

Choose Professional Corporate Movers

A moving company has more resources and expertise to make a move seamless than only relying on staff members. An experienced moving company will pack and unpack items with the utmost care to make sure the transfer is safe and efficient. It can even go further by identifying your unique requirements to draft a suitable moving plan. A corporate mover also assists with safe environmentally sound methods to dispose of obsolete items, asset liquidation, and packing. Do not choose any moving company but one that is well-established and insured.

Organize Data Protection

Many offices lose crucial documents or incur damaged hard drives or servers during relocation. Plan how the IT staff will back up all data. This team should also create methods to protect information from breach or loss when moving. One of the convenient ways to move your office information seamlessly is to use a cloud-based system. Something that is commonly found and easily accessible.

Set up a relocation schedule

Allocate the most convenient time to pack and move such as when there is minimal movement at the old office, the roads, and at the new building. You should set a moving date, time, and time frame to relocate with staff, movers, and management at both buildings. 


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Do not forget to organize your team for unpacking and setting up when office equipment reaches the new place. Moving is hectic but will not be a headache if you start planning early and work with dedicated corporate movers.