Resort Without Remorse: The Key to Vacation Budgeting

While many families love to take vacations, they often don’t do so because they don’t have time to plan and pay for it. When they do, it can be a stressful and difficult experience to have the needed money for the getaway trip. 

Here’s a guide to help you plan and budget for that nice vacation so you can make it a reality. 

Budget and Save for Your Vacation 

Set a budget a year in advance and decide how much you want to spend on the trip. Make sure you open a savings account and put money into the account well in advance of your vacation. If you start saving a year ahead of time, try placing 1/6th of the total vacation amount aside each month. 

Vacation During the Off-Season 

There could be peak seasons in a particular location. The cost of resorts tends to increase during the high season, sometimes doubling. Vacations can be cheaper if you pick an off-season. You can have the vacation of your dreams on a budget that you can afford if you can be flexible. 

Look for Countries With a Lower Cost of Living 

A good exchange rate is important if you are planning on traveling abroad. In other words, it means you want to find a country with a currency that is weaker than the US dollar. Some places to consider are Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador. Make sure to regularly check the exchange rate so that you can get the most out of your vacation budget. 

Plan & Book Ahead 

Make reservations several months in advance. Choose a date and find your hotel. Before the rates increase, make your reservation and pay for it as soon as possible. This also applies to airline tickets. Often, you can get a better deal on airline tickets if you book a few months in advance. 

Consider a Group Trip 

If you go on a tour or a trip with friends or family, your travel costs may also be lower, especially if you find a resort with entertainment included. Finding a resort with plenty of amenities can help you figure out how much you will likely be spending. If you book a room for two to four people and go with other people in your group, you can split the cost. This can save on accommodations and help you find an affordable vacation deal. 

Consider the All-Inclusive Deal 

You may also want to consider an all-inclusive hotel. There are often sales throughout the year, and you can book your vacation ahead of time to get a lower price. Another advantage of all-inclusive hotels is that all meals and drinks are included in the price. This results in one less thing for you to worry about.