Sharon Deflorio – 5 Top Reasons to Invest in Self-Happiness and Health

Everyone invests in financial assets and property to build wealth; however, is money the only means to happiness in this world? The answer to the above question is no, as there are several things you cannot buy with money but are essential for high-quality life and satisfaction. The most important investment you can make in this world is yourself, as when you are happy inside, you can conquer the whole world easily!

Business development expert Sharon Deflorio from Norwalk, CT, is a successful corporate professional with a zest for life. She is known for her outstanding track record in exceeding key performance metrics at work and boosting qualified leads for more revenue. She is respected for her fantastic leadership skills, relationship-building abilities, creativity, and mental agility. 

She believes in professional development and is open to learning new skills for career opportunities and advancement. She has worked as a corporate paralegal in New York and for esteemed companies like Xerox, Terex Corporation, and Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal. She has completed certification courses from prominent institutes like Northwestern |Kellogg and Adelphi University. She is a science graduate from The John Jay College of Criminal Justice in America. 

According to her, the following are the top reasons to invest in self-happiness-

  1. You are more productive at work- When you are happy, you focus better, leading to more productivity at work. Your positive attitude inspires others around you, making your vibes of being happy contagious.
  2.  You are healthier-Happy people have positive habits, and you never see them indulging themselves with alcohol, substance abuse, smoking, or drugs. They value health, so they exercise or engage in sports to stay fit and active. 
  3. Your self-worth increases-When; you are happy, smile more, and accept yourself the way you are. This boosts your self-worth and esteem essentially.
  4.  You face challenges and stress better-Stress bugs are kept at bay when you are happy and have a positive attitude towards challenges. Being happy gives you the drive to take up challenges as you face them as stepping out of your comfort zone to tackle a problem. The feelings of joy are overwhelming when you can handle the issue, and in case you cannot resolve the problem immediately, you will not give up and try out after learning from your mistakes. 
  5. You build strong, valuable relationships- Happy people are attractive and build more robust and useful connections. They are inspirational and kind, making them great to be around. They hardly complain about life and are eager to help others. 

According to Sharon Deflorio  you can be happy with simple things in life, like, for instance, a hobby or an interest. You can also be satisfied serving others as she regularly does- she supports charitable causes and participates in fundraising activities for programs targeted toward cancer research and multiple sclerosis, creating awareness, and putting an end to the evils of child abuse and neglect.