Skills Every HVAC Technician Should Know Before Applying to a New Company

If you are an HVAC technician, you are well aware that you possess skills and abilities that are in high demand year after year by many HVAC companies, and by extension the homeowners and businesses which make up their clientele. 

This will become even more apparent in the years ahead since more and more HVAC technicians are reaching retirement age, meaning companies will be searching for new talent to fill their ranks. The need for talent in this field has never been higher, and as such, there is truly no time like the present to be searching for a job in this rewarding field.

Before you start applying to HVAC companies in your area and beyond, make sure you possess the following skills that will impress any potential employer.

A Deep and Broad Knowledge of HVAC Systems and Methods

First, you must always be able to show an employer that you possess an in-depth knowledge of the most popular and complex HVAC systems and methods, both for the most modern models and those HVAC systems which are commonly present in older homes. 

While on the job with an HVAC company you may find yourself doing anything from installing gas piping to laying out a complex ductwork system in a residential or commercial building. 

To demonstrate to potential employers and hiring managers that you can handle what you know is waiting at every job as well as any surprises that pop up as you work, you’ll need to demonstrate a wide array of knowledge about HVAC unit controls and installation methods.

Your Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving Ability

Since no two service calls are exactly alike or even necessarily what they seem, you’ll need to be an excellent troubleshooter to ensure you can complete whatever tasks are needed in a timely and efficient manner. 

While one customer may be complaining of strange noises coming from their heat pump, another may be experiencing a complete HVAC system failure. And when you arrive on the scene and are able to inspect the HVAC unit, there may be symptoms the customer did not even notice which affect the issue at hand.  

Whatever the case may be, being a great troubleshooter who can think on your feet will make you a valuable asset to any HVAC company searching for more technicians.

Stellar Communication Skills

Just as your new employer will be relying on a company such as Dynamic Strategic Partners to help get their message across via vehicle wrapping on the company vans or trucks, you will also need to possess excellent communication skills when dealing with your coworkers and customers. 

Your customer will most likely describe the problem with their HVAC system to you mostly through sensations such as sound and the ambient temperature of the room, and half of communication is listening. Describing what precisely is the problem with the system to your customer so they understand why you are performing the repairs and maintenance that you are on their unit. 

If another technician needs to assist on the job, you will need to effectively communicate all the customer told you, in addition to what you have ascertained after the fact. 

Remember, when you are out in the field, you are the face of your company. By creating a great first impression with everyone you meet through superior communication skills, you will have a much easier time being hired for a fantastic new job.

A Willingness to Learn and Work as a Team

Since technology is always evolving in the HVAC world, you will need to show any new company you apply to that you are willing to learn new things as new technologies that relate to your job develop.  

This can include being trained on how to use new repair tools, learning about the latest innovations in how an HVAC system has been made to be more energy efficient, keeping up with evolving best practices, and more.  

In addition, you must be able to demonstrate a willingness and ability to work as a team with your fellow HVAC technicians within the company. 

For example, certain HVAC unit replacement jobs require two technicians to efficiently uninstall, remove, and haul away the old unit before a newer, more up-to-date unit can be installed for the customer. On a job such as this, the ability to work as a team is essential for precision and efficiency.

Once you show you are always willing to hone your skills and be a team player with the other HVAC technicians, you will have your pick of well-paying HVAC jobs with benefits from a bevy of reputable HVAC companies.

Possessing these skills, along with a good understanding of basic safety protocols and practices associated with HVAC installation and repair, will be what sets you apart from your competitors and helps you land a new HVAC job that features a great salary, advancement opportunities, and plenty of job security