Stocked Up: 4 Supplies To Complete Your Prep

As all preppers know, it’s important to have the right supplies on hand when disaster strikes. While most preppers already have common things like food and water supplies figured out, there are a few items that many people overlook. Here are four supplies you can buy to complete your prep and get you ready for anything life may throw at you.

Stocked Up: 4 Supplies To Complete Your Prep

Portable Solar Panels

In the event of a natural disaster, you may be left without access to electricity. While you may not be able to power your home with them, portable solar panels will give you enough power to keep your communication devices running. This means you’ll be able to establish contact with family members and find out more about the situation, while people without an independent power source may be left completely in the dark.

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Firearms and Ammunition

For both hunting and self-defense, it’s crucial to have firearms and sufficient ammunition on hand. Ideally, you should have several firearms that can all accept the same type of ammunition, since this will make stockpiling easier and more cost effective. If your round of choice is 9mm, for example, you can find bulk 9mm Luger ammo for sale and get a lower price per round than you would buying by the individual box.

Stabilized Gasoline

If a natural disaster disrupts gasoline supplies, you may not be able to fuel up your car at a gas station. To keep your mobility, you’ll need to have several gallons of fuel stored in gas cans at home. You can use a fuel stabilizer to prolong the shelf life of this gasoline, though it will still break down eventually. To be sure you’re ready when the time comes, be sure to replace this gas at the proper intervals to prevent it from going bad in storage.

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Cash Supplies

One of the most frequently overlooked essentials in prepping is a reserve of cash money. A disaster that interrupts the electrical grid could prevent you from paying with your debit card, so having enough cash to meet your needs is essential. Be sure to have at least a few hundred dollars that you never touch held back for disasters.

By stocking up on these four items, you can round out your preparations and be truly ready for any and all eventualities. Once you add these items to your basic food, water and medical supplies, you’ll have everything you need to ride out unexpected catastrophes.