Supplies You’ll Need to Have at All Times In Your Medical Office

If you are a medical professional, you have heard about the need for rudimentary supplies in your office at all times. Office supplies must be readily available so that doctors and staff do not have to worry about sending patients elsewhere to find things they need. Some of the most common supplies in a medical office include the following.

Supplies You’ll Need to Have at All Times In Your Medical Office


These baskets are used for disposing of food items and other waste. The baskets must be sturdy and easy for the staff to empty. If you are getting rid of medical waste, like needles, gloves, and masks, then having the right type of waste baskets are necessary. Make sure you properly dispose of dangerous materials to avoid contamination. 

Shelves and File Cabinets

These organizers are used for storing essential records and paperwork. They should be well-organized so that everything is easily found. Make sure you have a good organizational method for keeping track of patients’ information. 

Magazines for the Waiting Room

Magazines for the waiting room are convenient because they are attractive for patients who may have to wait a while before seeing you. It shows your patients you care about their comfort during their visit. 

A Stock of Printing Paper

Paper is vital to any office. It should be available at all times if it is needed to print outpatient information or other forms of paperwork.

Staplers and Paper Clips

These supplies are handy for keeping all paperwork neat and organized. Stock up on a wide variety of these items so that you are prepared to handle all sorts of paperwork needs.

Computers and Printers

Computers can help make the office run more efficiently. They help keep records that may be needed to consult with patients and can print outpatient records and important documents.

Surgical Gowns

The patient wears these gowns. They help prevent contamination from debris and protect the clothing from stains.

Exam Gloves

These gloves are worn during a physical examination or when performing a procedure on a patient. Choose an appropriate glove for each circumstance to avoid any contamination.

Face Masks

Face masks are worn during procedures, especially if there is any risk of infection to you or your patients.

Exam Table Paper

Paper is used to help ensure that the examination area is clean and that the patient’s clothing will not become stained.

Hand Sanitizer

Your hands are frequently contaminated during procedures, so a hand sanitizer can help alleviate many of these problems.

Chairs for Patients and Family Members

Chairs are necessary, especially for intimate exams. They make the exam more comfortable for patients and provide a place to sit while waiting.

Disinfectant Wipes

These are used to clean and disinfect several surfaces in the office to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Lysol Spray

The spray is used in various areas of the office to eliminate germs. It works well in the waiting room and the examination room.

Over-the-Counter Medications and Vitamins

All doctors use antibiotics and painkillers, so it is important to have a container of these items on hand at all times.

Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

Toilet paper and paper towels are necessary for your patients to use in the bathroom.

Office supplies are a necessity. Several basic medical supplies should also be readily available at all times in the office, including bandages, laxatives, and allergy remedies. You need to make sure you are prepared for the slightest of emergencies and that your patients are always taken care of in the best way possible.