The Difference Between Quantitative and Qualitative Research

When we talk about research as a subject or a research paper, we are talking about a lot of things that it covers. A research paper usually is constructed and worked upon different number of components and sections. Each and every component plays a strong part in making sure that the paper is not only of quality but also justified and credible. Similar to research components there are different approaches to writing your research paper that are important to its quality.

In those different approaches to research, methodology is a critical element where you decide the kind of research you will be doing as part of your primary research requirements.There are two broad kinds of research methodologies, the first one is quantitative research and the second is qualitative research. Today our blog will talk about the distinct highlights between the two types of research we just mentioned and their importance to a quality research paper.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research basically means dealing with quantity and numbers, as the name suggests. When you adopt this kind of research methodology, you are basically telling your readers that your research data will consist of answers based around numbers and hard raw data. This kind of research, usually involves constructing questionnaires, data interpreting tools and other number based ideas in order to determine certain kind of data collection, which is then later analyzed based on a number or statistical software.

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The Difference Between Quantitative and Qualitative Research

The Goal and Approach of Quantitative Data

The goal of quantitative data and type of research is to identify and present a detailed analysis based on the numbers. It uses statistical analysis and approaches to come to a conclusion revolving around a research question or a hypothesis. The use of quantitative data also explains the readers exactly what to expect and the kind of responses right from the onset of the research paper.

Qualitative Research

Another type of research as mentioned is the qualitative research. Unlike quantity, it deals with quality which means the quality of words, opinions and samples. This kind of research, usually involves talking to people, doing case studies and focus groups.

The Goal and Approach of Qualitative Data

Qualitative research involves the dependency on what people have to say, this means the control of information is largely with the samples than the research, which is why sometimes this method of research is difficult to justify and interpret in terms of analysis and reasoning.

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Students are exposed to the process of research from the very beginning of their high school. The educators or the academic institutes want the students to be acquainted with the elements of writing a research paper so that in the future, it can help them. They are taught the basic types of research methods and are allowed to use them for their practical approach. Both the types of research elements, have different perspectives and it is up to the teachers and the students, which one to use for the data collection. They both differ in their data collection techniques and the level of research and analysis. Regardless of that, students are learned and taught the basic and the fundamental teachings of the two types as both of these are essential for students who are thinking to pursue further education. Quantitative research entails numbering and deals with quantity, whereas qualitative research entails quality and talks about collecting data in terms of words.

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