The Most Fun Ways To Get Some Exercise

Alongside maintaining a balanced diet, exercise is one of the best ways to keep our bodies both looking and feeling good. Whether to goal is to slim down or bulk up, we need to engage in physical activity to train our bodies to adapt to different stresses.

Proper exercise requires hard work and commitment to achieve results. Unfortunately, our busy lifestyles make it harder to find the motivation to go to the gym or take a jog around the block.

get some exercise

The act of exercise isn’t necessarily very fun on its own and this can make it a chore for people who want results but find traditional gym routines boring. This is why so many people take up dance lessons and other activities that are as fun as they are physically demanding.

Let’s take a look at some of the most fun ways to get some exercise.


This is probably the most obvious combination of exercise and fun that people think of and for good reason. It’s a competitive, often team-based activity that requires physical action in order to complete an objective.

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Since the earliest human cultures sport has always been a fundamental recreation activity and it had spawned thousands of different games over centuries.  It requires physical as well as the strategic ability and always manages to help you break a sweat.

Some sports are more intense than others and there is a huge range of them to choose from to match your capabilities and interests. It’s a great way to involve friends and can be played casually in the park or taken to a semi or fully professional level.


Dancing is even more ancient than sport when it comes to human society. Whether celebrating, competing or expressing emotions, dance is engrained in all human cultures.

In terms of beginning a routine exercise, dance lessons in Sydney from a professional dance studio are an excellent way to learn new styles and meet new people. Most importantly, learning a complex dance routine and executing it is an incredibly fun activity that’s great for exercise.

Virtual reality games

Video games have traditionally never been a great source of exercise since they normally only required the movement of your thumbs. This has changed in recent years with the advent of motion control systems and now fully immersive VR games.

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There are not many alternatives that can match the experience of running around in a fantasy environment. Many people who enter VR come out dripping with sweat and not even realizing how much exercise they have done.

The amount of exercise you get out of VR will vary greatly on the kinds of games you play and how long you play them. While not a substitute for the gym by any means this is definitely one of the most entertaining ways to get moving.

Recapture your childhood

There are plenty of things we did when we were younger that were so fun that we didn’t notice how active we were being. Children seem to be running around all the time and we could learn a thing or two from them.

Everything from pogo sticks, trampolines, swimming pools, hula hoops and skateboards are all activities normally associated with children that can be a great source of exercise. If you have access to any of these activities (without breaking some child’s favorite toy) then you can have a load of fun while breaking a sweat.

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Which activity will you have fun exercising with?

While effective exercise is always going to require commitment and hard work, mixing recreation with it is a great way to trick ourselves into doing it. Whether you take up a sport or start dance lessons there’s definitely a fun physical activity with your name on it.

Mel H