The Top Benefits Of SEO Services For Mobile Sites

The importance of mobile website optimization has never been more important. Professional SEO services are crucial in aiding mobile websites achiever their highest possible organic search potential.

While many of the tactics used for mobile sites are similar to their desktop counterparts, there are a number of distinct ways in which they are used differently. With mobile websites now the dominant version visited by most search users, the importance of these SEO services cannot be overstated.

The Top Benefits Of SEO Services For Mobile Sites

Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of SEO services for mobile websites.

Page speed optimization

The increased use of mobile phones for internet searches reflects the increased demand for close-to-instant delivery of content. Mobile users are largely impatient, expecting mobile pages to load for them within just a few seconds.

Unlike desktop versions of a website, mobile versions need to deliver a high density of information while still loading quickly. Mobile users who find a site too slow will quickly bounce off it before they can even read anything you have to offer. Getting help in these matters from sources such as Sydney SEO services by SEO Shark can really boost your ranking.

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SEO services for mobile sites will ‘cut the fat’ from a website, cleaning up its multimedia content, layout and HTML code so that it performs at optimal levels. It’s absolutely essential that a mobile site loads quickly so that users stay on it long enough for calls-to-action and another advertising copy has a chance to be read by them.

Layout, UX and scalability optimization

An essential part of the SEO services available to mobile sites is the way in which users engage with them. This includes the way in which the site looks and scales for different screen sizes.

It’s imperative that mobile sites have well developed UX (user experience) principles in place. Just like a slow loading site, users will quickly bounce off a page they find hard to navigate or confusing to comprehend.

The layout of the site needs to be optimized by SEO services as well. There must be a logical network of connecting pages that gives the users the information they need in as few clicks as possible.

Particularly, mobile sites should have a greater dependence on images and multimedia content while not overdoing it. Users who are scrolling the webpage on a mobile phone are less inclined to read big blocks of text and would prefer things being broken up into easy-to-scan sections.

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Voice-based searches

With the rise of voice assistant technology like Siri and Google Assistant, there has been a rise is natural speak searches. More and more, people are performing searches with a microphone that converts their speech into text, using natural phrases.

For example, an Italian restaurant would want its mobile site to show up for the keywords “Italian restaurants near me” when someone in their geographic region made that search. This means that SEO services for mobile sites need to take into consideration the targeting of the natural search phrases that mobile users are increasingly starting to use.

Geographic searches

Like voice-based searches, geographic searches require SEO services to tackle keywords that result from the use of a specific feature in modern phones. GPS tracking allows search engines to serve results pages to users that feature an inbuilt map functionality that prioritizes local businesses.

It’s therefore essential the SEO services working for mobile sites are able to make sure that the site shows up in relevant geographic searches. Failure to do this could see a business lose customers to a neighboring competitor.

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Is there a difference?

While there are several areas of focus unique to mobile sites, the core principles behind these SEO services remain largely the same. Those attempting to optimize mobile sites will need to carry with them skillsets developed from doing the same with their desktop counterparts.

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