Top things to do in Arkansas


On our most recent trip to the United States, we visited Arkansas and spent some time exploring what to do in Little Rock. Arkansas’s capital city is well worth a visit because it is full of natural beauty, interesting history, and awesome state parks, landmarks, museums, and more. Little Rock is a lovely city on the Arkansas River’s south bank, with cycling trails, farmer’s markets, gardens, and other attractions. 

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  1. Old State House Museum

Little Rock is in history. The Old State House Museum is one of the best places to see and learn about history. The Old State House is the oldest surviving state capitol west of the Mississippi. It was in 1833 and opened in 1836, and it now serves as a museum dedicated to the preservation of artefacts, stories, and memories. The Old State House Museum is a beloved Little Rock landmark among both young and old residents.

  1. Riverfront Park

Check out Riverfront Park if you need to stretch your legs. Riverfront Park offers 33 acres of beautiful urban parkland ideal for outdoor activities, as well as information about the state’s history. It stretches 11 blocks on the Arkansas River’s south bank and is in downtown Little Rock, making it accessible from anywhere in town. Many attractions can be on your walk-through Riverfront Park. 

  1. William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum
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We weren’t sure if a visit to the Presidential Library would be interesting to us as Australians with little knowledge of American politics. We were mistaken, because it was enthralling! The Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, located in the heart of the state’s capital city, is to telling his story. The museum contains over 100,000 objects to view. This includes artwork, fashion items, objects given to the Clintons by foreign leaders, and other items.

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  1. Clinton Presidential Park Bridge

The pedestrian bridge that represents Clinton’s “Bridge to the 21st Century” is right next to the Clinton Presidential Center. Because Clinton was president from 1993 to 2001, he led the United States into the new millennium. He served at a critical juncture in history. The Rock Island Railroad Bridge was in 1899 and was as the Rock Island Bridge. But it was the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge and is now a city landmark. Because the bridge is part of the Arkansas River Trail, you can cross it while sightseeing in Little Rock. We’ll go over the trail in greater detail later in the article!

  1. Pinnacle Mountain State Park
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Pinnacle Mountain State Park, about 12 miles west of Little Rock, is the ideal escape from the city. This stunning state park features forests, mountains, trails, rivers, and much more. Mountain biking, hiking, visiting local national historic sites, having a picnic, and other activities are popular in Pinnacle Mountain State Park. There are over 22 miles of trails to explore, so bring your hiking boots or bike to make the most of the incredible wilderness. 

  1. Pinnacle Mountain

Hiking up Pinnacle Mountain is without a doubt the best activity in Pinnacle Mountain State Park if you have the time. The main peak in the area is Pinnacle Mountain. This cone-shaped mountain looming over the forest is impossible to miss. There’s a reason why the park was after it! The mountain’s summit is via two trails: the East Summit Trail and the West Summit Trail. The West Summit Trail is more popular because it is easier. Both trails are about 3/4 mile long, making them short. They are, but, steep. The East Summit Trail is more difficult because it is steeper and more rugged.

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