Top Tips To Buy Shoes Online and From Retailer

E-commerce has become big business for both retailers and customers. For instance, more and more people are buying shoes online.

While shopping on the net, one may be confused about which shop to buy from. Here is a list of tips to help you find the best store to buy shoes and best shoes from the online search.

Top Tips To Buy Shoes Online and From Retailer

Search for security logo

Try to locate a security logo. Particularly for those with concerns like identity theft, one should learn that shopping online using the credit card is not a greater security risk compared to swiping your card at a brick and mortar shop. For additional assurance, search for a security logo on the landing page to make sure that any personal information which you have keyed in, has been blocked by any other person.

Return policy

Ensure the shop has a return policy which is above the average. Though a basic policy might suffice, it is never wrong to do business with a company which ‘goes above and beyond’ for customer service.

Free shipping 

This should apply not to buying the only shoelace but for a minimum purchase, there should ideally have no shipping charges.

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Wide choice of sizes 

The last criteria to choose shoes are as per sizes. All good stores will have inventories of numerous sizes. Online store must feature shoes of wide variety and sizes.

Physical location 

Mostly, buy shoes from e-commerce sites which have the physical location. This provides peace of mind and saves you from being ripped off by a scammer.

Foot health 

Buying the right shoes implies investing in good shoe health. When you visit the physical location of the online store, here are some tips to ensure you buy shoes that fit your size and give adequate support.

  • Begin with your feet and search for what is in your closet. You must stand barefoot on a piece of paper or cardboard and trace the shape of both your feet. Take your shoes and place it in the drawing. It is likely that your comfortable shoes will match closely the outline of your feet. Identify shoes that cause pain. In case of women, most cause of discomfort will be high heels or narrow toes.
  • Wait until afternoon or evening to buy shoes. It is a fact that your feet will expand by use during the day and might swell in hot weather.
  • Wear the socks which you are likely to wear with the shoes.
  • Get a salesperson to measure both your feet. Do this every time you buy shoes. In case, one foot is wider or larger than the other, purchase shoes that fit the bigger foot.
  • Do stand up in your shoes. Ensure you have a minimum of quarter-to-half inch space between the end of the shoe and the longest toe.
  • Check how the feet feel by walking around. Do the balls of the feet have enough room? Do the heels slip or fit snugly? Don’t wait for shoes to fit in with time. Get shoes that fit from the beginning.
  • Trust the comfort level of your shoes. Sizes differ from one manufacturer to another. You are the real judge about the fitting of shoes.
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These are some tips to help you choose right shoes from the right place. But, remember that the things might be different when it comes to online shopping vs retail shopping.  As, you have the option to instantly try the right size it in the Retail Store, which is not in the case of online stores.

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