Ways To Keep the Power Running When the Grid Fails

Early electricity was a convenience that the rich got to enjoy, but it’s now a modern necessity for nearly everything in your home. No matter how reliable your local utility company might be, the power isn’t going to stay on 24/7. If you want to make sure your home has constant juice, then you need to know different ways of keeping the power running in those times that the grid fails you.


A fossil-fuel generator is an engine you can put behind your home and keep quiet until the power goes out. Then, you can give it fuel and fire it up for as long as you need or have enough fuel so you have a source of power other than the grid.


Batteries can store power from any of the green power source options listed below. You can also use UPS systems that store power from the grid to tide you over during a power outage from your local utility.

Solar Panels

Solar technology is a common option for those looking to create their own power. The technology and affordability have both improved over the years. So long as you have roof slopes facing even in the right compass directions, then you’re good to go.

Wind Turbines

There are wind turbines small enough to mount on the top of your home and not even be all that noticeable. They don’t produce a lot of juice, but they also don’t need that much wind to get moving either.


This one takes some investment, and it might not work everywhere. However, if you drill down deep enough, you can access temperatures very different than they are at the surface. Pipe cool water down there to get heated up by the Earth’s core, and you can have hot water and steam that powers a turbine.


Do you have any kind of water running through your property? Even a small, steady stream can be enough for a basic hydroelectric dam that will continuously churn out a bit of electricity your home can use.

When the grid fails, your home might run out of power just like everyone else around you. However, you don’t have to suffer the same as everyone else if you use these different ways to keep the power running when the grid fails you.