What Contractors Should Hire For Full-Home Renovations

Planning to remodel your home? While you might try to cut costs by doing most of the work yourself, it is often more cost-effective to hire professional contractors for some of the more challenging jobs. Unless you are skilled in these professions, you may want to hire experts to handle the renovations quickly and smoothly. 

What Contractors Should Hire For Full-Home Renovations

Heating and Cooling

Remodeling a home usually means you will update it or expand the living area. Your original HVAC system might not be adequate to heat and cool the remodeled or new rooms. Schedule an inspection with a local HVAC contractor to find out if the equipment will remain functional for the changes in your home. You may need to have some parts repaired or replaced. The renovated home might need a new HVAC system. Find out so you can get this work done as you remodel.


If you enlarge or expand your home, the current electric system may not be able to handle the power demand for newer appliances or equipment. You might need a dedicated line or higher voltage to manage the additions to your home. An electric technician can also check the wiring to ensure it is still intact along with the electric box and related parts that supply power to your home. Since working with electricity can be dangerous, it is best to let a licensed electrician handle this work.


New toilets, sinks, showers, and drains must be properly installed to avoid leaks and mold. Contact a professional plumber to discuss your renovation plumbing needs to see if the current water lines will be adequate. The plumber can also check for leaks, drips, or loose plumbing fixtures that should be fixed before the renovations are made. Additional plumbing for the bathroom, kitchen and laundry area can also be discussed.


It is a good idea to have your roof checked by an experienced roofer. A crumbling chimney, missing shingles, or damaged gutters could cause problems for the remodeling work you are doing. An intact roof is important to protect your renovation investment so that the new work won’t be at risk. Getting the roof work done now before the renovation is completed will avoid a potential mess if you replace the roof in a year or two.

Some home checkups and repairs can safely be handled by the owner. But for more substantial systems, it is best to let the pros handle them since those are their areas of expertise.