What to Look For When Building Your Next Rifle

Once you own a gun or two, you start getting to know what you would like in the next part of your collection. Owning a longarm is a serious matter, so knowing what to look for when building your next rifle helps simplify the process so you’re happier with the results.

What to Look For When Building Your Next Rifle

Decide Your Bullet Size First

This is going to impact every component decision you make down the line with your rifle. Know what you intend to be shooting at before anything else. Each round comes with its own set of ballistics that needs to be taken into consideration, especially when you’re shooting more than 100 yards.

Know the Components You Need

The specific kind of rifle you decide to build will determine the components that you need. For instance, a bolt action rifle is likely to need a barrel, magazine, receiver, rifle stock, trigger, and trigger guard. It would be incomplete without all six of these individual pieces.

Buy the Components in Proper Order

Unless you get a kit where everything is already designed to work together, you need to buy your components in a specific order. That way, you can start with the most important piece and work your way down, ensuring compatibility with each part. Returning to the example of a bolt action rifle, you would actually start with the receiver before getting the barrel. The rifle stock would come next before the magazine and trigger guard.

Have a Gun Store You Trust

You might have a gun store near you to do your next rifle build. You might entrust that to a service provider somewhere else who ships it to you, and you might even do the build on your own. You still need a local gun store you trust, however. They can be a valuable source of repairs, cleaning, parts, ammunition, answers, and just camaraderie with fellow longarm enthusiasts.

Be Properly Licensed

Gun laws happen at the federal, state, and municipal levels. Be sure you are properly licensed and in alignment with any applicable rules and regulations. You might even have more rules to follow if you rent a home, should your lease say anything about firearms.

One Final Thought

Whether you get a rifle that suits your needs, matches your wildest dreams, or is just one that fits your budget, make sure you have a safe place to store it. Guns are meant to protect people, but without proper storage, deadly accidents can happen. At the very least, the right gun safe or cabinet will keep it clean so you can enjoy it more.