Why Is 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 An Ideal Buy?

When an individual opts for a pickup truck, he/she looks at two things primarily; one is the vehicle’s carrying capacity and another is its power. These two reasons are more than plenty to understand why the 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 is an ideal purchase.

Why Is 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 An Ideal Buy?

This truck has an amazing towing capacity and its five different power trains are ideal for any situation you need the truck’s assistance. This is why you need to visit Soda Springs GMC dealership to book it.

Power Train and Towing

This pickup from GMC is a masterpiece in this segment. Apart from different engine types, transmissions these are paired with are also different in many options. If you are looking to get the base model then V6 mated with automatic six-speed is your choice and will provide 285-hp.

In the V8 category, people get two choices; one is a 5.3L V8 engine that offers 355-hp and another 6.2L that generates 420-hp. Apart from these, you also have a diesel option, the torque 460 lb-ft and its automatic ten-speed will impress any pickup buyer.

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If people want, they can equip adaptive dampers along with a  range of other features that make it quite fetching. Also, this truck can be driven with utmost satisfaction on as well as off-road; however, for off-roading purposes, a select model (AT4) is better.

Gas mileage: Fuel who want to have the best fuel efficiency for their pickup should always opt for the diesel version as it provides the best numbers in this front with 23 mpg and 30 mpg (city & highway respectively). However, since most people choose to go with the V8 6.2L engine, they will receive around 16 mpg (city) and 20 mpg (highway).

Towing: For the towing capacity, this truck’s number is at an all-time high. It can tow at least 12,200 lbs and still drive smoothly on any road.Also, its payload capacity is 2240 lbs; all these are similar to its rival or better and is the reason why people think it is an ideal buy.

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However, if you want your GMC Sierra 1500 to perform such remarkably for a decade or so, then don forget to opt for scheduled servicing and maintenance when reaching Soda Springs GMC dealer store. Maintenance is the only way they your car will always look new and perform how it should.

Interior and other features

Apart from the towing capacity, mileage, and engine power, the interior cabin of this vehicle is stunning, which is another selling point of this pickup. Its layout speaks practicality, abundant space, and functionality.

Moreover, what drivers love about the features is that they are user-friendly. Clean dashboard, classy look, upscale materials for its top-tier trims makes people opt for it as soon as they lay their eyes on it. Also, its spacious cabin allows people to sit comfortably without any problem. Bose speakers, Wi-Fi hotspot, Android Auto & Apple Car play are just some of the features you can enjoy if you own this vehicle.

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The 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 starts from $29,798 only. However, top-tier variants will cost more. To know the exact pricing for the model you buy visit a dealer. Besides, only visiting a showroom will allow you to take the much-needed test drive of this ideal pickup truck.