12 Best Way To Improve Your Mobile Signal

Bad reception of cells is not limited to rural locations. This is also happening in the middle of the urban areas, thanks to all the obstacles that block the signals from the cell tower to reach our phones.

We all hate to have a bad cell signal. So here are our best tips to improve your cellular signal, collected over the past 18 years, that we have been in the improved cellular signal industry. We hope that they will help you improve cell reception wherever you need it.

12 Best Way To Improve Your Mobile Signal

1. When you move, stop.
When you stand still, your phone and network do not necessarily have to adjust to your changing location. This makes it easier to obtain and maintain a strong signal.

2. Find the closest cell tower.
If you know where the tower of the cell is located, you can move to the side of the building, near the tower to see if the reception is better. When you are outside, try to avoid obstacles between you and the tower.

3. Change location to see if reception is better.
Go to another room in the house or to the corridor of your office. Or try next to a window where the signal from the cell penetrates better into the outer walls. If you drive in a vehicle, you have to drive a mile.

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4. Do not block the internal antenna while holding your phone.
Be aware of the position of your hand on the phone by calling, sending text messages, etc. Try another hand position to see if reception is better.

5. If there is a case on your phone, remove it.
Test to see if the signal is better without the case. A case may prevent cellular internal signals from your phone coming from, so removal of the device may improve your reception.

6. Use the WiFi network.
All newer smartphones allow native WIFI calls and messages, supported by all major US carriers. There are also messaging applications for audio and video calls. So if you have good Wi-Fi coverage in your site, it can be a perfect substitute for a flawless mobile network.

7.Keep the battery charged.
A low battery can adversely affect the ability of your phone to get and receive a cell signal.

8. Exit or observe obstacles.
Building materials block cell signals, so if you’re in a building, go outside to get better reception. If you’re already outdoors, you’ll find an open space like a square or park, where cellular signals are more likely to reach you than when you’re surrounded by tall buildings.

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9. Increase your height.
Anything between you and the cell tower can block the signal. Moving to the top floor of your home, office building or even the roof of your apartment complex reduces the risk of obstruction. If you are driving, you will find a high place and settle down there.

10. Carefully move the carriers.
This works for some, but be careful to change your mobile phone in the hope of getting better coverage. The last thing you want to do is exchange bad reception with a carrier for even worse reception of another. Make sure your coverage gets better with the new carrier.

11. Try switching from 4G to 3G service.
Turn off your LTE service to see if you can get a better connection and improve coverage using the 3G network, or even the 2G network where it’s available. The way you turn off the 4G service varies depending on the model of the operator and the phone. A “How to disable 4G Web Search” yields many results.

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12. Receive a mobile phone signal amplifier.
These devices work in almost any situation where an existing cell signal exists that is amplified. Some models do not require an antenna outside the building. This can be a great advantage for apartment residents. This is the most advantageous solution in this list because signal amplifiers have mobile radios, such as your phone. And this also provides most people for the solution.dios, such as your phone. And this also provides most people for the solution.

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