Why Mongolia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

People who love traveling mainly consider the common and famous places of the world as their next travel destination. But, did you know, Mongolia is an offbeat destination in the heart of Asia, bordered by China and Russia. This place is unexplored to a major extent and hence forms the best destination for your next travel.

Why Mongolia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

The unmatched beauty of the place, the culture, and the people draws in tourists and if you are planning for travel, then do make it a point to visit Mongolia. The county has steppe, mountains as well as desert. Here, let me brief you on a few things that will make you visit Mongolia. Here goes the list-

1. For a Glimpse of the Famous Gobi Desert

Occupying the south and eastern part of the country, Gobi desert has always been the main attraction for drawing in tourists from across the world. The sand dunes, the scenic beauty and most importantly the strange temperature of the place forms the main attraction. Desserts are meant to be hot. But, did you know that in winters the temperature here becomes cold, as low as minus 40 degrees? Also, the Gobi desert is the place where the first dinosaur eggs were discovered.

2. A Rich History

If you are a lover of history, then this Asian destination is just your place. This has been the homeland to the biggest empire in the world. The place was home to the most influential empire of the world- the Mongolian empire and Genghis Khan being an important ruler, who himself as well as his descendants created history throughout the world. They opened up trade routes and brought new cities to existence.

3. A Glimpse of the Beautiful Altai Mountains

Tour to Mongolia will not only give you a glimpse of the famous Gobi desert, but also the sight of the beautiful Altai mountains. The range forms a home to some of the best flora and fauna in the world.

4. To Witness a Pure Nomadic Culture

Mongolia has always shown a pure example of nomadic life. The country is sparsely populated and they still practice nomadism. The country is inhabited by more than 20 tribes and they lead a pastoral life. If you have been bored of the city noise and concrete structures, then do give Mongolia a visit ad this will definitely be a memorable tour giving you a different type of experience. The hospitality of the Mongolians is something that you must experience. For example, if your car breaks down in the middle of a place with no garages around, the Mongolians will be more than only just happy to help.

5. Witness the Spirituality

Most of the Mongolians are Buddhists and they give much importance to religion and spirituality. The monasteries and the shrines here are a must visit. Some examples are the Buddha Park, Gandan monastery. These portray the Mongolian people’s commitment to their religion.

6. The Mongolian Festivals

If you want to witness a unique festival, then make sure to visit Mongolia in July for the Nadaam festival. It portrays the traditional Mongolian culture and acts as one of the major tourist attraction each year.

To witness these beautiful portrayals of Mongolia, you need to take the Mongolian tour. There are good travel operators in the country, whom you can hire and have a comfortable tour. Make Mongolia your destination, hire a travel agency and start packing your bags!