2021 Honda Passport – Known For Its Pleasant Driving and Power

Honda Passport offers a pleasant driving experience to all and its powerful engine plays a crucial role in it. The 2021 model sees just an upgrade for the display where an 8-inch touchscreen has been made a standard option. Apart from this, if you want to know about how it offers a pleasant driving experience and power, you will need to know about its specs before arriving at Kensington Honda dealer

2021 Honda Passport – Known For Its Pleasant Driving and Power

Power under Passport’s hood 

2021 Honda Passport consists of a V6 3.5L engine that produces 280 horsepower and is connected with automatic 9-speed transmission. Also, paying an additional amount can get the AWD version for a better terrain driving capacity. Moreover, Passport comes with a ground clearance of at least 7.5-inches and 5000 lbs towing capacity. Quick acceleration is another feature that drivers of a Passport enjoy. 

In addition, FWD model offers a mileage of 20 mpg when in city and 25 mpg when on highway. For the AWD version, the mpg drops by 1 for city and highway. All these numbers show that how powerful this vehicle is and why people prefer to buy this one when opting for power. Now onto the pleasurable driving aspect. 

With great suspension and direct steering capability of this vehicle, people have a pleasant driving experience. Also, due to its dynamics and more, it offers a nimble ride even when driving on rough or twisted roads. 

Pleasant Interior and other details 

The materials used for building the interior are excellent and design provided is practical and classy. Also, the layout offers organized placement of controls, where both touchscreen options and buttons are available. 

To make every ride pleasurable for a driver as well as passengers, Honda offers comfortable seats with soft armrests with optimal comfort adjustment settings. A total of 5 people can seat inside this car and everyone is offered ample legroom that makes sitting even on the backseat quite comfortable. 

15 carry-ons can be held on cargo space and if an individual folds it, 33 carry-ons in total can be held easily. In addition, there are interior storage spaces that can be used as you want. 

All these shows why the 2021 Honda Passport is known for its pleasant driving aspect, power, comfort, and more. If you want to know you will need to take a test drive of this vehicle and thus, you should get in touch with Honda dealer serving Kensington immediately. 

How much 2021 Passport Costs?

Such a remarkable vehicle but Honda has kept the price quite reasonable. The base model Sport starts from $34,015, EX-L is available from $38,035, Touring and Elite are priced at $40,905 and $45,405 respectively. 

If you are looking to enjoy the best of 2021 Honda Passport then you should opt for either Elite or Touring. However, if you are not looking to cross the $40k barrier then simply get the EX-L version along with certain additional packages. 

The decision now lies with you as to which trim will suit you ideally but there is no doubt this is one of the best cars that Honda has ever produced.