3 Common Garage Door Problems

The garage door is one of the most used doors over time. Some parts wear off or get old with time and would need a replacement, while others problems you could fix yourself. Even with the best garage door, you will still experience some common issues.


Here are the three common garage door problems you may experience.

The Garage Door Opener Is Not Operational

This often happens when opening or closing the garage door, and the door will not open either remotely or when using the switch. There are solutions suggested for you that you can try before calling for professional help. When the opener fails, the first thing to check is the power source, either the remote batteries or the door’s power source.


The second thing to check is the circuit fuse, breaker, or the GFCI outlet connected to the door opener. Find out if it is either burned out or tripped. You should call for professional garage door repair services when you cannot resolve the issue yourself.

Noisy Garage Door

Suppose your garage door starts to make noise when opening and closing the door. That is already a problem. Garage door repairs may be sensitive, and sometimes you will need professional help.


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With most noisy doors, you will need to lubricate them with a silicone-based lubricant to the rollers. If the rollers are worn out, call for a professional to replace them. If the sound is rattling, it could indicate that some hardware, such as bolts, nuts, or screws, is loose. Therefore, they may need tightening.

Garage Door Closing Halfway

You might find your garage door opening correctly but closing only halfway. Check your manual and see if the close limits can be adjusted. It is a requirement for garage doors to have the close limit switch, but when it is not set right, it may cause the door to close halfway. Avoid attempting to close it because it may lead to the opener pulling back up.


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You can adjust the set limit switch by turning a screw feature on the motor unit. The set limit switch is a safety mechanism with sensors that prevent the door from hitting people. The brackets holding the electronic eyes will also need realignment.


Most of these garage door problems should not be a big problem. Garage door repairs are easy and do not take much of your time. To avoid most of these garage door problems, it is recommended to follow a maintenance routine.