4 Tips For Upkeeping Your Sexual Health

Maintaining a healthy sex life is essential to prevent adverse signs, symptoms, and side effects from occurring throughout your body due to an STI, STD, or other issue. Implementing safe sex and sexual health tips into your everyday routine is imperative to minimize and prevent risks of infection or disease, especially if you are currently dating or sexually active with multiple partners.

4 Tips For Upkeeping Your Sexual Health

Discuss Safe Sex With Prospective Partners

Discussing safe sex with prospective partners is a top priority for those who want to keep up on their sexual health. Always discuss sexual health with a prospective partner, even if you do not have any sexual diseases or infections. Discussing safe sex techniques, preferences, and sexual history can help with alleviating anxiety while getting comfortable with another individual.

Practice Safe Sex Techniques

Always practice safe sex techniques, especially when you are planning to have sex with a new partner for the first time. Discuss your preferred safe sex prevention tools along with safe sex precautions you prefer to take. The more open and honest you are with sexual discussions, the less awkward you are likely to feel, especially with an understanding partner.

Talk to Your Doctor

Talk to your doctor regularly about your sexual health while requesting STI and STD tests between visits, especially if you are sexually active with more than one individual. Discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding your sexual health, libido, and your genitals.

If you experience pain during sex, low lubrication, chafing during everyday activities, or other issues, you might want to talk to your doctor about labiaplasty. Labiaplasty is a procedure that modifies the appearance of the labia. While it is often simply a cosmetic procedure that can improve comfort and confidence, for some, it may be a medical necessity.

Examine Your Body Regularly

Learn how to examine your body and genitals regularly, each time you shower or even while getting ready for your day. Feeling comfortable while inspecting your body for rashes, lesions, or even infections can assist with getting the medical care and attention you require quicker than ignoring any signs or symptoms you may be experiencing. When you are comfortable with inspecting your body and genitals, it is much easier to determine whether or not you require further medical attention due to a sexual encounter you recently experienced.

Knowing how to maintain a healthy sex life while feeling comfortable in your body and discussing potential sexual issues with your doctor is imperative. When you feel comfortable discussing safe sex with partners, ensure you are always taking the precautions necessary to minimize risks any time you are sexually active.