4 Tips to Help Keep Your Car Clean and Tidy

Many people spend hours a day in their cars, commuting to and from work. It’s vital to be comfortable in such situations, and one of the most rewarding ways is by keeping the interior clean. Unfortunately, it’s easy to let go when rushing, and soon enough, the trash starts piling up. Start by establishing a system that will ensure the car remains clean even after hours of use. If unsure where to start, here are four tips to help keep your car clean and tidy.

4 Tips to Help Keep Your Car Clean and Tidy

Get a Car Bin

Like in a home, the car can have a lot of trash. Without a trash can, trash usually ends up in the car door. You should get a small bin with a secure seal to keep the contents inside. It will contain all trash inside, preventing it from getting on car floor mats.

Protect Your Seats and Floors

There’s nothing as messy as no-seat covers and an 8-hour road trip with kids under 5. Unlike in short distances where it’s easy to see the footprints and permanent stains on the carpet, locating disasters on the back seat needs further investigation. Invest in seat covers over the front car seat and hang it upside down. Also, it would be wise to purchase some car floor mats to ensure your floors stay cleaner and stain-free than they would without protection. However, do not forget to get multiple pockets to store treats, kids, and other essentials when picking one.

Keep the Cup Holders Free

The most abused part of a car interior is the cupholder. Unfortunately, they are the most challenging part of cleaning a car and can become bacteria colonies in a few years. Wash it using window cleaner by spraying it in the middle, slowly wind it while removing all debris using a dry cloth. It’s also advisable to use an old sock by soaking it in dish wash and placing it underneath the holder to ensure it does not move. However, silicon cup holders are the ultimate way to keep the car clean quickly.

Clean Quick

After getting a spill on the road and it takes a couple of hours to reach the final destination, pack the car and do a little cleaning. It helps remove stubborn stains that would otherwise turn permanent. Invest in wipes to get little splashes out of the way. While at home, strive to clear the boot off everything except the accident and medical kit. While taking the junk from the car, dump it in the trash cans, especially if you are prone to hoarding tendencies. Wipe down areas in the dashboard daily before starting the day.