Surfaces That Benefit from Crane Mats and Take A Lot Of Wear and Tear In The Long Run

Surfaces or flooring where heavy equipment is placed can use crane or hardwood mats. If the flooring is soft, it is best to avoid these kinds of mats as they can ruin the floor. They must not be used on grass or lawns either.

Flooring that is muddy or wet can use these kinds of mats. If there is a lot of movement of heavy duty machines, use hardwood mats as they prove to be a cost effective option. The mud and debris can easily get into machines if hardwood mat is not used.

Benefit from Crane Mats

Hardwood Mats used on Surfaces

  • Sliding of machinery can be done in a hassle free way on muddy floors
  • They can be used on terrains
  • You can also close drains and ditches using crane mats
  • They can handle very heavy pressure and are suitable for all weather conditions
  • They can withstand heavy wheeled equipment
  • Most of the transportation facilities use them to load and unload over pipelines as well
  • They can be used on marshy lands
  • They come in standard dimensions
  • They can be installed on construction sites
  • They are also used in bridging water streams and other water bodies to allow commute

Other Applications of Crane Mats

They are used as roadways where concrete flooring is not possible. They are eco friendly and stand without damage for the longest of time. When installed on any surface they do not cause any disturbance or damage to the ground. Timber crane mats are constructed easily with nuts and washer fixtures. They can be used near water bodies as they can provide a stable platform over them. They do not get damaged in moisture and wet grounds.

Stabilization and durability

Any unstable ground can be made stable with the installation of timber mats. They also come in different varieties and flavors depending upon their make. Huge cranes also use these mats under them as they can take maximum wear and tear.

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The inventory of constructing these mats is abundant with most of the surfacing companies. This is the safest and the most cost effective surface solution that can be used by any industry that deals with heavy machines.

Best Crane Mat Company

Spartan Mat, like the name suggests is the best company that constructs and ships mats for all kinds of heavy duty industries. Being in this industry for 20 years, they ship mats to 84 and more locations in U.S and Canada. They also provide these mats on rentals.

You can place an order for shipment from the closest location given in their list of locations. The shipment is usually loaded in saw mills and yards.

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Mats that are taken on rents are sorted and cleaned post the completion of the project. You can always avail an inventory list every month to get the best offers. These construction mats are long lasting and can be used in forests and tundra regions.

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