4 Ways to Make Your Business Apps More Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly app is more than just good practice; it is a must if you want your company to prosper. Mobile use has surpassed computer usage, which means smartphone users expect companies to have an exemplary interface tailored to their browsers. In reality, approximately half of customers would not return to a site if it does not load properly.

If you are unsure whether your app is mobile-friendly, you can make the necessary changes as soon as possible. It is important to find opportunities to turn leads into purchases rather than drive customers away when the website does not load properly. Consumers on the go have their smartphones with them and want to check your company no matter where they are – and maybe even call you. Here are four ways of making your app mobile friendly.

4 Ways to Make Your Business Apps More Mobile Friendly

Make Use of Responsive Design

A responsive layout allows web developers to create viewable apps on various platforms, which reduces the amount of work that web designers must do while developing a website. When a small business app uses a responsive design, the site can detect the consumer’s screen orientation and height and change the interface accordingly.

Remember that your clients are on their phones around the clock; therefore, make sure your content is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Responsive design increases traffic by making it easy for customers to share the content. Users value convenience, so take the appropriate measures to ensure that their experiences with your company are smooth at all times.

Take Note of the Font and Button Sizes

For smartphones, font and button sizes must be taken into account. The font size should be 14 px or larger. Although these will seem to be a big number, it is best to take this precaution so that users do not have to zoom in to view the content you post. The buttons must be as large as possible to eliminate the possibility of the user missing the button or mistakenly pushing the incorrect one.

Make Use of High-Resolution Pictures

High-resolution pictures are an essential component of your responsive website to ensure that your users have a pleasant experience. When displayed on a high-definition screen, high-resolution pictures would not be distorted or pixilated. A picture that is unclear, incorrectly cropped, or blurred makes your app, and therefore your company, seem unprofessional.

Use Video

The use of videos is one of several ways to improve your company – consumers adore video, which has become an essential component of social interaction. Viewers want authentic material, and video will immerse the viewers in encounters that other means of communication cannot.

There really is a lot of competition in the small business field, so remember that a mobile-friendly app is essential for your success. Consider allowing an outside company, like Zudy, design your app so that you stay ahead of the competition.